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Follow up on BOJ on Bespin

GNW travel to Bespin where we spoke with Senator Rain and Rhialto Tereshchenko.

KinsaShala said, ” Thank you for allowing GNW to speak with you. Its good to meet you as well Rhialto. Your role here on Bespin is very important. Looks at senator Rain. she said, Some time ago, You sent prod cast about your brother Master Marsh. Would you like to tell us the detail what happen and why Master Marsh was exile from his position on Bespin?”


raιn ‘тнe ĸιd’ тιтanιυм™ (rain.titanium) sighs. “It was a very hard decision for me to make, but after constant complaints about his actions. He have me no other choice. Master Marsh was having his padawans spy on other Jedi Enclaves and report back to him. He was also claiming to be royalty and trying to rewrite the laws of Bespin.”

Rhialto Tereshchenko: “For what it’s worth, charges of spying were mentioned at a recent federation meeting I attended.”

KinsaShala said, “Will there still be BOJ on Bespin or has that order been discontinue?”

Rhialto Tereshchenko: “Right now we have assistance from the MJR, but personally I am not certain what to think as to a Bespin order of jedi. Certainly open to it, but it seems up in the air right now.”

KinsaShala said, ” What is MJR?”

Rhialto Tereshchenko: “Oh sorry; Mid Rim jedi refuge. Basically intinerant jedi who help where needed.”

KinsaShala said, ” Do you know what will happen to Master Marsh. Will there be trial or was their a trial?”

Rhialto Tereshchenko: I am wondering about this myself, being wrapped up in technical details here.” looks to the Senator “Rain, any word on what is happening?”raιn ‘тнe ĸιd’

тιтanιυм™ (rain.titanium) shakes my head. “Master Marsh hasn’t been seen since he was escorted off Bespin. I am not sure if charges will be made at this point.”

Rhialto Tereshchenko: “For all we know he may go into self imposed exile, but that is just me speculating. I’m not too up on jedi practices.”

KinsaShala nods then said, “Thank you. before I go. Do you have any last words you would like to tell our viewers?”

Rhialto Tereshchenko: “As for me, well, I just hope things go smoothly, I hate to see troubles among the jedi. Unity is a strength I usually associate with jedi as opposed to Sith who often defeat themselves from inside with back stabbing and infighting.”

raιn ‘тнe ĸιd’ тιтanιυм™: “I would like to say that after all Master Marsh’s wrong doings, I still love him, but the people of Bespin are my priority right now. As well as their safety.”

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