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GAR Return to Tython

[GAR] Tython PhotoGNW received holonet from the Grandmaster from Tython and this is what he had to say.

“After the attacks on Tython from the Serapin Empire, the Twi’lek village was destroyed and the remaining civilians and politicians evacuated while Tython was under Sith control.   It is because of these attacks and the very real risk that Serapin or its allies will attempt to take Tython again, that the Je’daii council has asked the Grand Army of the Republic to reopen its outpost in the Praxeum Forest.  The members of the Onderon Embassy will also occupy the same post.

It has been 10 years since GAR was on Tython and the Je’daii and remaining population welcomes there help in these troubled times.  Now nearly 6 months later, Tython has rebuilt itself and the Je’daii have returned, the few civilians that are left have elected a senator from the old royal twil’ek monarchy, to once again represent Tython at the GFFR.

Grand Master Zac Mistwalker for and on behalf of the NJO Council.”