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Gardok the Hutt and Besadii Hutt Night

Gardok the Hutt, Lorda of the Besadii Kajidic will be hosting a Besadii Hutt Night at his Cantina called the Poison Pit on Nal Hutta on Bendudays (Fridays) at 7PM (SLT).

There he will meet with those wishing to do business with the Besadii clan in entertaining surroundings. Those wishing to do business with the Besadii Kajidic or who seek employment can meet with Gardok and discuss on these evenings. The Hutt had this to say, “I am Gardok, Lorda of the Besadii Kajidic. … I would like to announce a new Hutt Night. The Besadii Hutt Night. In which all are welcome to do business with me and indulge in the pleasures that my cantina can offer”

Gardok the Hutt wanted to stress that these are not political styled Hutt Nights, like the ones done at Hutt Council Chambers in the past. These Besadii Hutt Nights will be more about Besadii business opportunities.  Gardok’s Poison Pit cantina also offers a great many entertaining distractions.

It was also stated that Besadii Clan is hiring staff for the cantina, specifically dancers and security personnel. They also have opportunities for ship captains and “anyone with special skills in different areas.”

Regarding other Hutts, Gardok the Hutt stated that they are welcome to attend, and if they would like to participate as fellow hosts, they can contact Gardok the Hutt. Otherwise, they are welcome to come as guests.

In closing, Gardok expressed, “Clan Besadii is back in business and business is good. Anyone interested in profitable professions or business should contact Clan Besadii. WE are the future of Hutt Space.”


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