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Today’s Race extended from the city of Nabat Ryloth, Through the canyons to Tar’kona clan land, around the spaceport, and right back to Nabat. It turned out to be a hell of a race with three speeders on the track. Miron soron, Trogo, and Jedi Knight Kalos. Miron has a partner on the back of Miron’s speeder. the crowd cheered on as the speeders raced down the tracks. All three racers fighting for the spot to be declared the winner. oh no! It looked like Trogo will be taken out of the races by a wall. looks like he going to walk away from this unharmed. it would seem like he is going to be ready to race again next time around. Good for Trogo. Miron comes in first place and Miron hands the trophy to the pasture that was riding on the back of Miron’s speeder. Here comes Jedi Kalos and look, he greeting Trogo and welcomes the newcomer to the games. What great sportsmanship out there. Until next times races. GNW will keep you updated as they come.