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GFFR Aldera Mercenaries Agreement

The Aldera Mercenaries Agreement

Section 1. Introduction and purpose

The aim of this protocol is to formalize the relationship between the The Galactic Federation of Free Republic/ Galactic Republic and Mercenaries who are signatories to this arrangement and to provide a legal framework for our cooperation.

Section 2. Legal Status of Mercenaries

To conduct Mercenaries work legally in The Galactic Federation of Free Republic/ Galactic Republic, Mercenaries must get and pay permit fees. Any mercenary doing a job on a world must register their contract with that local government before acting on the contract

Section 3 The protection of Citizen and non Citizen

The protocol accords distinct and separate legal status between the Jedi and the Federation/ Galactic Republic and therefore an unauthorized capture of a Jedi that has not been agreed to by the Jedi’s enclave is illegal. All Citizen and non Citizen in Federation/ Galactic Republic in our territories will have do process before being turn over by pay bounty.

Section 4 Mercenary tax

All Mercenaries will pay 10% Tax fee to conduct mercenary work in Federation/ Galactic Republic space.Mercenaries