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GFFR’s Two Candidate for Chair.

It is a good sign for the GFFR to have two candidates running for the position of the office of Chair. Not since Queen Jacinda of New Alderaan and former Chairman Marcel Dowding has there been a two-person race. Tiplaria ran her four terms unchallenged by anyone to take her position. GNW got the opportunity to speak with both of the GFFR candidates.

Lorekat, Fates Hand Entertainment (123, 150, 1001) -If Senator Tes wins would you be her Vice Chair?

Senator Nyx: If she wishes me to be her Vice Chair I would happily take it. Just as if I had won I would ask her to be Vice Chair. Tes and I both see things need to change.

What kind of changes?

Senator Nyx: One of the rules for the way people are spoken to during interviews. There really really needs to be a protocol, A checklist of sorts to work through. As it seems very dis configured with the way things are run. The way that people speak in the meetings. It should not be open floor until A full check is done for each and every member of the Senate, Going down the line. Then moving to open a business where people can ask for aid, Changes and things to be called on to be voted on. The way the rules are for those who join if they do not have a standing in the galaxy? What if they have proof of standing? And their main place is outside the galaxy but they still have a good standing. That needs to be changed. Weapons and soldiers in the Senate need to be dropped.. guards should wait outside the doors, while weapons are checked with them.

Why do you wish to run for Chair Senator Tes?”

Senator Tes: “Hello, I would like to run in hopes that I may continue on the work that Madam Chair has done so far and lead by her example totes_001 strengthen and grow the Federation’s relations with it’s members and forge new alliances.”

If you didn’t win, would you be willing to be Senator Nyx Vice Chair?”

Senator Tes: “Absolutely. In my time speaking with her I’ve learned that she is a strong leader for her people. Her statements in the last meeting all had merit. She would be a unique leader to say the least but I have no doubt she would be a good Chairwoman.”

In your earlier statement, you said you want to strengthen and grow the federation’s relations with it’s members and forge new Alliances. How are you planning to do that and do you have anyone you wish to align with once you become The chair?”

Senator Tes: “During the last Senate meeting Nyx brought up an important matter about bringing stronger internal civility within the Senate. It’s no secret that Ani has certain takes on Non-Chiss, but her exchanges with Nyx have been the most frequent. I would ask Nyx to be my Vice Chair is she wished and work with her to accomplish that goal of hers as well as the others. I would also attempt to reestablish relations and membership with Dantooine and Tython within the Federation, as well as other worlds. With the Senate’s approval, I would try to see about reopening diplomatic channels with the New Republic as well for starters. There was one other thing I had considered, with the support of the Senate I would like to open a citizen membership for the people of the galaxy so that they may become members of the Federation and attend meetings to let us know what the common people of the galaxy have to say.”

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