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GNW Reporter targeted!

GNW’s own Tiona Twine relates her encounter with the Sith and a team of Bounty Hunters on Nal Hutta:

“Not long ago, I, Tiona Twine, discovered the hard way that I’d upset a sith woman whose name I do not know, but she dresses in black and often flies a ship that I named the Fishy Wasp.  I first encountered this sith woman on New Alderaan.  She was apparently trying to do something and my presence and the presence of a Jedi from the GJO interfered with her activities.  It seems she did not take kindly to our interference, because she again threatened me on Nar Shaddaa some time later, using her mystical Force powers on me, but leaving me alive.

Then, on Nal Hutta, I was approached by what looked like a Mandolorian, probably an Amaran, by the look of his helmet configuration.  He said he needed to discuss something of news note with me and led me out to this other woman dressed in black, with short black cropped hair and dark blue glowing eyes.  It was then that I discovered they were there to capture me and they did so quickly.  I didn’t have any weapons.  The woman, I later learned, is associated with the Bounty Brokers Association and I was being collected for a bounty, which I can only guess was from the sith woman I’d earlier encountered, because it was mentioned that the one placing a bounty on me was a her at one point, and she was the only one I could think of that I might have pissed off.  Well, the bounty hunter woman tossed me in what appeared to be an unfinished shopping center with catalogs on the wall and just left me there for a time.


The bounty hunter lady later came back the following day and led me out to a hanger next to some dead bodies that looked like they’d been burnt or flayed or both.  It was horrific.  She went to talk to her employer about where to deliver me or something and I tried to find a way to escape.  She came back and then told me to kneel.  I knew the end was near.  She’d obviously been told to kill me.  Was I scared?  Damn right I was.  She chose not to kill me, but gave me a good scare shooting over and singing my shoulder.  Then, she dumped me off on Byss, of all places.

Good thing Byss liked the article I wrote about them that one time.  They gave me no trouble leaving the planet and heading back home.

So, now the question, is there still a sith out there who wants me dead?  What of the hunter that spared me?  Will the sith seek retribution on her?”