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GNW Sports Report

This is GNW Sports Report

There were four boxing matches on Bespin yesterday and surprise special. We had Atin Tome Vs Yasinda Brintt. Ja’mes The Pale Horse Vs Daughter of Atin Mirshko. The starting match between Atin Tome Vs Yasinda Brintt start off slow with the two woman jabbing fights at each other with the mouths. GNW will now show you short holocam of the fight last night against Atin tome and Yasinda Brintt.

Yasinda Brintt_001
Zankuro: Making her way to the ring from parts unknown, Weighing in at 120 LBS, the beautiful, and the dangerous Yyyaaaaaasiiinndaaa! and her opponent to night. in a display of domestic abuse known only to the Mandos is a small Corellian girl with a stubbornness that is even known to cheat death. I give you the Alor of the mandalorian clan Tome Atiiiiiiiin Tome!atin tome_002


Atin Tome (ludragonslegacy) grins as she jogs in place to loosen up her muscles. she looked straight at the mando that was playing ringside medic and gave him a little teasing wave and stuck her tongue out at him as well before looking to Yasinda and giving her new drinking buddy a smile.

Yasinda Brintt popped her knuckles and rolled her neck she let out a soft huff as she slipped into a neutral stance as she watched Atin closely.

Zankuro (zankuro.blackadder) steps to the ring “Ok ladies, fist bump. and keep it clean.

Atin Tome (ludragonslegacy) grins and approaches Yasinda to fist bump her. “if i win I get to see my brother” she mutters as a last minute deal hoping it would catch Yasinda off guard.

Yasinda Brintt took a breath before making her way to the center of the ring to meet with Atin and fist bump her and smiled “Now you know i can’t do that.”
Zankuro shouts: Who is Rady to RUMBLE! Lets get it on!

Atin Tome (ludragonslegacy) grins and backs up, dropping into a fighting crouch just bouncing a bit on the balls of her feet as she studied Yasinda, waiting for her to make the first move.

Yasinda Brintt backed up and slipped into the same neutral stance, though stepping to Atin’s left watching her closely as she moved to the side.

Atin Tome (ludragonslegacy) tilts her head at Yasinda “you going to copy me, vod? or make your move?” she taunts.

Yasinda Brintt giggles and shook her head “I patient. But we can’t sit here all night now can we? Oh mighty warrior on the defense~” she taunted back before stepping to her cautiously still watching waiting for an opening.

GNW: The girls waited for opening final there was some action with Yasinda Brintt stepping on her left foot, getting close to atin to prod at her defense, making light throws with her fists. Atin ducks under the fists as she finally decided to move, sweeping her leg out towards Yasinda to trip her up. she would bring her right leg to hook onto Yasinda’s right leg hoping to knock her off her feet. It was a long match and the fight ends with tap out by Atin.

Atin Tome (ludragonslegacy) moves her free arm, tapping on the the leg now.

Yasinda Brintt would notice the tap and quickly let her arm go, rolling away from Atin to give her some room to move, she took a knee breathing heavily from the fight, waiting to make sure Atin was still able to move afterwards.

Zankuro shouts: Zan waves off Yas and hollers “And thats the match.. Win by Submission, Let her go Yasinda.

Zankuro (zankuro.blackadder) claps and cheers “What an opening match!” he walks to Yas and reaches for her hand, he would raise her hand up and exclaim “Congratulations! on your win.. Nice arm bar.. Lets hear it for your first winner, Yasinda!”

Atin Tome was badly wounded was taken to medbay after the fight.

GNW: The Next match was Atin’s daughter Mirshko and The Pale Horse.

Zankuro shouts: Right, next fighters please get ready. He shouts, “approaching from the stage left He’s an Echani from a monastery, a warrior in robes and a Jedi with fists made of Mandalorian Iron! Look out folks, it’s the Pale” Horse!

Mirshko Tome_001Zankuro shouts: his opponent to day..
In the left side of the ring, is another Tome… This daughter of Atin Tome and the Tome Doa’ is a strong right hook and a spirited fighter that stands for courage , MIRSHKO TOOOOOOMMMMEEE. He motions for the fighters to approach the middle of the ring. “ok you two, fist bump and stay clean”Beskar_001

Mirshko Tome (annalicecullen) holds her fist out to him looking up at him taking in his tall figure and she nods waiting for him to make a move

JJa’mes ended up brushing his knuckles against hers. He’d then shift back, as he had been previously trained in hand to hand extensively, the Echani would then deliver a straight-line jab to her breast-bone.

Zankuro (zankuro.blackadder) moves out of the way. and shouts “Lets get it on.. and what a lousy sucker punch!”

Mirshko Tome (annalicecullen) backs up looking at beskar, she smirks saying” You act like your scared of a girl” She gets into position with her hands in a definitive stance as she looks at him she showed no fear, she started to slowly circle him watching his every movement seeing if he was going to make the first move or not.

GNW: The Pale Horse starts off with pause for a minute, before feinting a punch and and then snapping his hips around as he attempted to spin kick her in the temple. Mirshko jumps back slightly ducking as she seen his foot coming at her and she reaches up to grab his leg, sliding her own legs out to wrap them around his leg that was keeping him up right in an attempt to trip him. the Pale Horse strike her in her shoulder with an open palm, aiming to send her to the floor. Mirshko Tome cries out in pain. We later find out its a broken collar bone. by this time Mirshko eyes were swollon from the punches dealt to her. Mirshko would not give up so the Match was called off.

Zankuro (zankuro.blackadder) shakes his head and waves Beskar “Stupid girl, your going to die” he stands up holding his Hand “The match is over. Our winnder for the evening.. PALLLLLEEE HOOORSSE!”

GNW: Mirshko was taken to the medbay with her mother. The promoter of the fight announced a surprise fight for the on watch crowd.

Zankuro shouts: Zan beems and smiles wildly “We have a special treat.. From my home in the Independent world of Talus.. We have rarities abound. Never before seen in the outer RIm.. 2 Half Bothans will fight each other to submission!”

GNW: The Match was Kida Vs Zinnia.


Zankuro shouts:
In the ring, the half-Bothan, half-pint killer; the grenade with the short fuse, the lithe liquidator and broker of butchery…one dose is all it takes…ZINNIA the Needle!

Zinnia strides into the ring, forcing bravado into her stance. She juts her chin out, nodding once to Zan and glaring around at the crowd. She made a show of cracking her knuckles, playing up the tough act.Snapshot _ Star Wars_ Outer Heaven (SWRP), Impact Zone (18, 58,

Zankuro shouts: Next we have a recently graduated Jedi.. Please remember, If I since force I will bring out the Ysalimir..Now entering the ring from the lost temple on Dantooine, and the forests of Talus.. This next half bothan is no stranger to arenas.. “Kida MOOONWOOOOOOOOD”

Kida Moonwood: would step up into the ring, thankful for the introduction, she’d shed her jacked but keep her rather baggy pants on her, no reason to shed too much…. she’d offer Zinnia a bow, before raising her hands ready to fight, in a rather defensive stance, she’d observe the other half bothan, figure, form and everything else.

GNW: The fight starts with Zinnia aiming a low uppercut at Kida’s mid-torso Kida runs straight into the uppercut. Kida bring a knocked knee up to Zin’s stomach. Zinnia hissed as the knee connected more solidly than her punch had, stumbling heavily backwards onto her heels. She tucked her elbows in tight and winced as she let the momentum carry her a little bit aways, watching for the follow through. Kida bring a fist back, and attempt to plant it on Zin’s right arm. Zinnia caught the blow full force on her upper arm. Zinnia swung with her free fist, aiming for the sweet spot just between the cheekbone. Kida takes the hit she wrap her arms around ZIn attempt to bring her down to the to the ground and wriggle her into an arm bar.

Zinnia yelped, shocked almost as much by the fact that her punch had landed as she was by the sudden grapple. She lurched forward, her should screaming against the arm lock. She swore under her breath and dropped to her knees, kicking outwards with a sharp hoof as she went down to try to catch any bit of Kida’s she could reach in her pretzel’d position.

Kida Moonwood: would barely avoid the sharp hoof, knowing their potential, it’s sharper bits would slide along her skin, leaving a nice shallow red gash along the other side of her face…. he vision was still doubled, she’d pull Zinn tighter into the arm lock… hoping she’d either tap out from the pain, she’d wrap her legs around Zin’s neck as well, trying to seal the clamp she had on the other half bothan.

Zinnia gagged and bucked, straining against the hold even as her vision narrowed. She forced herself to move through the haze of pain as the tendons stretched further than they should in Kida’s grasp. She whipped her other arm in a wild arc over her chest, batting at Kida somewhat futilely. Her breaths were shallow and ragged as she rocked her body back and forth in jerks, trying to wriggle away.

Kida Moonwood: would keep a tight grip on Zin…. making a face each time she was hit, her vision finally returning to normal…. but her money maker probably looking a little red ((her face)) she’d continue to apply pressure to Zin’s neck, “Tap out.” she’d get out eventually, probably sounded pretty strained too, most of her focus going on to keeping the half bothan restrained.

Zankuro (zankuro.blackadder) casually walks over and looks at the blonde one’s face.. looking for her face or her to tap

Zinnia’s struggles faded to spasmic lurches and she grunted out something that may have been a refusal, but was too strangled to properly make out. Despite being somewhat larger than the other woman, Kida’s technique was making short work of Zinnia. Her hooves scrabbled against the ring floor, but she was losing ground against the darkness hovering around the edges of her vision.
Zankuro (zankuro.blackadder) bends down and holds a hand up to Kida stands up and waves Kida off “This match is over.. ”

Kida Moonwood: would just hold her there, stubborn woman…. she ought to quit while ahead…. she’d keep her arm locked against her chest and her legs wrapped around Zin, before seeing the hand…. “Now?” she’d force out… holding her a few moments longer, before letting go, and rising, letting the other one catch her breath and Kida would take this time to shake off the pain at her face, and diagnose the strange pain on her cheek, noting the blood, she’d sigh.

Zinnia collapses, heaving a sharp gasp of air into her still burning lungs. She coughs violently, head spinning as she slowly regains her bearings. She shakes her head bitterly, but when she lifts her face to look at Kida, her smile is genuine. “Thanks. Good fight,” she rasps, not quite ready to rise from her prone position.

Kida Moonwood: would nod, still trying to shake off the haze from that rather strong punch…. “You too.” she’d say, pressing her hand against the cut at her cheek, before turning to face Yasinda, and using the force to summon her saber, she’d leap from the ring and retrieve her clothes….

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