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Grand Master Iria’s statement for GNW regarding Jayden and Raven

kalway jedi order logoJayden and Raven were tasked to investigate a prisoner escape from our security cells. Somehow they abandoned that investigation and began investigating the bounty issue that the Hutts apparently placed. During their investigation, they learned that KOJ had become friendly with some of the Hutts. And this caused Jayden and Raven to get a bit bent out of shape.

You see, they have been gone a long time and only recently returned. So I can’t really blame them for not knowing about the Nar Shaddaa Accords or about the events of the Hutt Codex that our own Master Zen not only found, but opened in tact for them, which led some of the Hutts to return to the old ways described in the Codex. These Hutts turned over a new leaf and have been working to become honest entrepreneurs and business owners. These are the Hutts we have been supporting and are friendly with.

But Jayden and Raven were apparently unable to overcome their old prejudice and bigotry. They seem not to be able to accept that a sentient being can grow or change. That’s not to say all Hutts have made this change, and we of course will stand against any Hutt that chooses to do bad things. They could not accept that our embassy on Nar Shaddaa would allow for diplomatic attempts to resolve issues and could serve others besides the Hutts, as well. Had Jayden or Raven sought to ask about any of this, it could have been explained to them. But they chose to cling to their own closemindedness and keep their cups full.

They chose instead to reject their Jedi Council, abandon their Order, and turn rogue. They decided to paint us as if we are turning down a dark path. They tried to paint themselves as the defiant heroes, but only revealed themselves to be speceist and bigoted.

It’s not that surprising really, given some of their past deeds. For example, “Master” Jayden once gave a presentation that was entirely plagiarized from the works of our own Master Zen. He continually refuted any wrong doing even when presented with a word by word, side by side comparison, insisting it was his own original work when clearly it was not. Perhaps it was in part because of this, that they distrusted the work on the Hutt Codex and therefore could not believe any of the Hutts able to change their ways.

Whatever their reasons, their actions were not those of a Jedi. As a result of abandoning the Council and their Order in such a manner, they have both been stripped of any Jedi rank and titles. I would advise anyone to be cautious in any dealings with them.

GrandMaster Iria Tuqiri
Kalway Order of Jedi.

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