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Hutt Night Nar Shaddaa

Nar Shaddaa- is the largest moon of Nal Hutta commonly known as the Smuggler’s Moon.  A city of young smugglers, pirates and criminals.  it  was  Visas Marr  who said, ” “Never have I been to a place so alive with the Force, yet so dead to it. The contrast is like a blade.”  It is  here where we find The Hutt Cartel constructing their business.

805ae8_45215612f2fe4901b102ee554880c52f.png_srz_p_512_512_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_png_srzLord Rolda’s announcement.

Rolga Xue in Huttese: ji jimpa wong be hok drikunna so jimuga

Translator Droid: Rolga Bareesh says I would like to make an opening remark

Anda  nods to rolga

Anda  lord Rolga wishes to make a public statement

Skyler shifts her gaze towards the familiar faces of the two from Kalway, giving a short nod to the grouping there before returning her attention to the main of the room, regardless if her quiet gesture of greeting was noticed, her ears listening closely as Rolga began to speak

Braith Aluna  nodded slowly looking around for the Senator, she lets the Force flow into her senses and allows it to increase her perception in sight. “I see him Masters, one moment.”

PINKYseskSuri nods stepping aside,, datapad at hand,

PINKYseskSuri: “For those who do not understand the Great Language,, Rolga, of the Bareesh Clan,, will now address us.”

Dro Plund  would notice the nod, he’d nod back, and look towards the giant hutt

Aiden  turns and nods to the knight and follows her to where the others are.

Dro Plund extended a hand to shake Aiden’s hand, if Aiden accepted, he’d actually use the handshake to bring aiden into him, so he would whisper something to him

Aiden  “Seems I simply chose the wrong side of the dias.” remarks under his breath with amusement as he joins with the others.

Rolga Xue in Huttese: nallya chi chu kabuk ee’jaga  hutta dobo an kilin paguta gee wumpah uska un kilin, drikunna chu drikhi uska an chissa uni makriss un wong be kon tonka drikunna anku drikunna, chissa ji jimpa bo mukai monku jimpa, nowan, gee bu konchi, chu drikhi be kox ee’jaga bo an uska anku tana, chuba wassa uska be ganku hajin tuta putta ha be kuna pim, ha pim paguta hajuki ateema jiji chu bolla be goora dwana wong ganku

Translator Droid: Rolga Bareesh says our patrols have encountered vessels breaching Hutt space and moving goods with out paying a levy, they are traveling unchecked and it has been a burden to keep up on their travels, so I am instituting an old practice, anyone, with the means, are allowed to apprehend these ships and take their cargo, you will need to obtain permission from this council to do so, but as of right now we are going to issue ‘letters of marque

Anda’s Announcement

AnnieDae Resident in Huttese: ree drikunna, gee bu palko chi nallya kabuk hutta palko, ji yama ee’jaga be bala bu gona upee dwana honga uran gopah  kee bayjee palko, un uska kabuk haga magok chissa, bo wampo so, la hajin an yama be diki che tana kon drikunna bu bo nallya paguta kox an hutta hok. ji akklai be paa bu pim upee kah paa uran kah gopah gee bu kee drikunna, an ji palko be wan kox che bu wong upee bu gona chu putta. jiji wan nai bu wassa pim kon ta mukai, an nowan jabuki be kilin, nami mulira ne hajin hutta hajin kickee drikunna. masa wong putta magok konchi ne ko palko nai uska wan jimuga

Translator Droid: Anda says very well, with the bareesh clans attention on hutt space, I would like to make the announcement that last week shortly after our last council meeting, A criminal leader on Nar SHadaa, one Cassandra Vale, was apprehended and brought to answer for her crimes against the people of Nar Shaddaa and Hutt Space. I wished to address the fact that certain holo-feeds linked her capture with the Anjiliac kajidic, and I wanted to publicly state for the record that the rumors are true. We acted in the best interests of Nar Shaddaa, and brought her to justice, she will not plague hutt space any longer. Criminals of this sort will not be tolerated in an orderly society.

Council master Dro Plund spoke

AnnieDae Resident in Huttese: ree goora la, upee sa bunno bunno ganku an putta be, kuna jiji yama kickee dwana ah’ masa be ha bu kon wampo wan aleypa? ji hajin jiji nowan dobra ha bu Jedai dwana an bu gona gee uran . kuna chuba goora be rima? makriss

Translator Droid: Anda says very well then, that is our business announced and attended to, do we have any speakers who wish to address the cartel council this evening? I see we have representatives form the Jedi Order and the federation with us tonight. Do you wish to speak?”

Dro Plund  nodded “Yes, the Kalway Order of Jedi wishes to speak.”

ŦöɱƤǔƞƘą (tompunkathehutt) considers, shrugs and shifts his attention to the visitors

Braith Aluna  pauses a moment and looks up at the Hutt Council

AnnieDae Resident in Huttese: pim makriss diki, pay wan tonka putta bu nei’cha chi, bu  boga chuba

Translator Droid: Anda says ahhh master Plund, please step up on the dais then, the cartel recognizes you

Anda  the hutt motions a heavy paw to the speakers dais

Dro Plund  would turn, he’d raise one of the barrels and nod to Braith to follow him, he’d use the force to mvoe the Barrel up onto the Dias as he walked up to stand on it

ŦöɱƤǔƞƘą  murmurs as he watches the pair approach the dias

Skyler looks towards Dro, her head tilting slightly to the side, though her expression would hold as it had been, curious to hear what they had to say to the collective

Braith Aluna took hold of the barrels with her telekinetics and let them down slowly infront of them, taking her datapad out once more to take notes on the matter.

Aiden  would have shook Dro’s hand when it was extended to him. ((player was distracted))
Dro Plund  would indicate for Chris to grab another Barrell and walk up, he’d look over and say “Mighty Hutt Cartel, Greetings to you all, I hope this evening finds you..” he’d look down at the rug, of a Bothan as he said “A lot better than this Bothan here.” he’d gesture wide to the barrels that he’d left down on the side of the dias, as he said “We bring you a gift, of some of Master Wosice’s finest made moonshine.”
AnnieDae Resident in Huttese: ji wan boga bu chu tana kon goora so magok, jimuga ha nowan drikunna dobo un bayjee, ji haga anku drikhi  bayjee. wong bunno nallya paguta ha hok hajin, jiji diura kilin jimpa an uska wong coona jiji nami hajin bo yama gee.

Translator Droid: Anda says I have had the pleasure of sampling master wosices skill, before it was made by a master, I suspect their technique has improved. As has your orders observance of protocol, we accept your tribute and would ask what we may assist your order with.

Dro Plund  kept a blank expression, however anyone in the room, could tell he was happy if they were force sensitive he’d say “The Kalway Order of Jedi, is thankful and Master Wosice, has ensured, me that this is her best batch yet.” he’d pause before he would say “The Kalway Order askes the Mighty Hutt Council, that they consider staying out of any possible conflict, between the Nightsisters and the Kalway Order. Although some skirmishes have happened, a full blown conflict has not yet broken out, the Order wishes for one not to break out, however, in case that one does, we ask that the Mighty Hutt Cartel not interfree in what to the Hutt Cartel, would be merely a religious war between two opposing ideological views.”

ŦöɱƤǔƞƘą (tompunkathehutt) moves to speak

TompunkaTheHutt Resident in Huttese: chay sa un wassa wassa gopah drikhi drikunna an bu tuda magok?

Translator Droid: ŦöɱƤǔƞƘą says There is a conflict expected between your people and the Night Sisters?

Anda  cocked her head and looked to Dro Plund after Tompunkas question. begging the same question herself

Christopher Vestel frowns and says in a low tone “Expected would be a understatement.”

Dro Plund  would turn to Tompunka as he said “We hope to avoid conflict Mighty Tompunka The Hutt, however the Nightsisters seem to want a conflict, as they have recently delivered a ship full of dead bodies to our academy, as well as torched the upstairs section of our archives.”

ŦöɱƤǔƞƘą ponders a moment, not at all one for diplomatic mumbojumbo, and considers the last statement

Rolga Xue in Huttese: pim paa boga kabuk upee bu so pim uska masa boga paguta bsha, ta boga ne?

Translator Droid: Rolga Bareesh says it would seem odd that the nightsisters would make such an aggressive move, would it not?

TompunkaTheHutt Resident in Huttese: jimuga, ree so

Translator Droid: ŦöɱƤǔƞƘą says indeed, very odd

TompunkaTheHutt Resident in Huttese: ji jimuga upee bu mulira konchi dobo uran so kilin kox kon wampo be jimuga bu ganku?

Translator Droid: ŦöɱƤǔƞƘą says I trust that the wise ones of your order have made proper investigation to confirm the allegations?

Olivya Glenwalker raised an eyebrow and whispered somewhat quietly to Anda, “are they planning on killing each in the name of the Force? Or just because of slight ideological differences? And the Jedi are planning on going to war now? I thought they espoused avoiding such things? I do love religious fanatics. ”

Christopher Vestel turns his head to his right shoulder a moment and pauses…he would return his gaze to the exchange between the two groups.

Dro Plund  paused for a moment, before addressing Bareesh “Actually, it is not odd. Not too long ago, many masters and Knights of the Dantooine Jedi Order fell to a conflict with the Nightsisters, when they attempted a ritual to bring back a sith known as Ragnos. They have also previously attacked Chandrila when the New Jedi Order offered a hand to help them out.” he’d pause and say “Yes, the Nightsister known as Kara was found at the scene starting the fire, and another Nightsister, whos name I believe may be Asha, was the one who stepped off the ship full of dead bodies, and said that she would ensure the entire order would be the same.”

TompunkaTheHutt Resident in Huttese: chuba bunno bu bu nowan chu ne bo nai dobra wassa… upee wampo wassa kox un ganku, tagwa?

Translator Droid: ŦöɱƤǔƞƘą says You understand the the Nightsisters are not one in all things… that they have developed a factioning, yes?

Rolga Xue in Huttese: nallya, bu dobra makriss bo wassa haga palko bu magok palko

Translator Droid: Rolga Bareesh says indeed, the acts of one cannot make guilty the entire group

Aiden  looks over his data, reviewing the topic at hand.

Dro Plund  nods “I am aware they are broken up into clans. The same clan is responsible for these attacks.” he’d pause before turning to Rolga and said “The Jedi do not want a war, however if continued attacks of aggression are forced onto us, then we shall respond to end the conflict by stopping those creating the conflict.”

TompunkaTheHutt Resident in Huttese: palko bunno gopah boga be be masa goora wan. jiji chu dobra gee bu konchi be jabuki whao dobra paguta

Translator Droid: ŦöɱƤǔƞƘą says it would seem reasonable to to so of course. We are familiar with the need to act when acted against

Olivya Glenwalker gave her Hutt Boss a concerned look, before addressing the speaker. “Who attempted to raise Ragnos? The Sisters attempted to resurrect the long dead Sith Lord. Do we know why and how the Dantooine Order became involved in this also?”

PINKYseskSuri whispers to Rolga, still standing reverent to the delegates

Rolga Xue in Huttese: Jedai gona, ji pim kox masa ah’ chissa hajin sa hajin nei’cha ha gee bu kilin, hajin nei’cha chu chuba bayjee haga mukai bata be huha?

Translator Droid: Rolga Bareesh says Jedi Master, I would make certain who your adversary is before claiming conflicts with the Nightsisters, how certain are you these acts lead back to them?

ŦöɱƤǔƞƘą (tompunkathehutt) casts a sidelong glance Olivya’s way, rumbling deeply

Aiden (aiden04) waits to hear these various questions answered by Dro, looking up at the dias expectantly.

Skyler lets out an audible snort, looking towards Dro directly as she responded bluntly: “Council Master Dro.. I recently visited Yavin for.. personal matters.. though I am sure you have already be appraised of such things.. Regardless, I recall an incident involving an armored individual who spoke of having a relative Nightsister.. This armored individual was met with hostility and threats of violence by one of the Jedi Knights, before being allowed to leave.. True, this particular Knight, while acting in a manner unbecoming of a Jedi from such an.. esteemed.. Order, was rep-remanded by a Master who was near.. Does it seem at all possible that somehow their actions brought the wrath of a few Nightsisters to Yavin in retaliation for a perceived insult upon them?”

ŦöɱƤǔƞƘą (tompunkathehutt) rumbles again as yet another offworld creature speaks out

TompunkaTheHutt Resident in Huttese: ee’jaga nami, drikhi boga… ji la nobata kee che bu hutta haga be ko palko nai kabuk drikhi. mulira kox ne so bo mukai wassa, paguta

Translator Droid: ŦöɱƤǔƞƘą says Lorda Rolga, Lorda Anda… I see no reason for the Hutt Worlds to be partisan in this matter. It does not as yet concern us, surely
Braith Aluna  actually thought a moment on that matter, why would this conflict actually involve the Hutt’s if there was nothing to gain for them.

Anda  breathes heavily with a huff after hearing the various points

Dro Plund  would look around, to each Hutt before addressing the questions in order “A nightsister named Irina. This incident occured a few months ago with the Nightsisters, however I was bringing it up, as an example to the true behaviour of the Nightsisters.” he’d pause and say “At the moment Dantooine is not involved, it is an issue arising between the Nightsisters and Kalway, and the Nightsisters appear to be drawing their allies in, as all our operatives have found out.” he’d pause and lok towards Rogla before saying “I am absolutely certain, based off of fingerprints found at the scene, the bodies having their heads removed, and the Nightsisters gloating about what they had done.” he’d pause again, turning to address the next question “Actually, Council Master Zen, kept it to himself, which is fine. However, the incident you refer to, I have no knowledge of, and your travel to Yavin IV, commenced after the deportation order, and after a skirmish between the Jedi and Nightsisters broke out, as well as After

Dro Plund   the above mentioned points of archives being set on fire, and the ship of dead bodies.”

AnnieDae Resident in Huttese: kuna jiji putta jimpa konchi akklai dobo chu akklai? boga bala gopah nallya palko chu goora, chu bu chu tuta yama? paa gopah? sa haga bu masa dobo manu gona? jimpa

Translator Droid: Anda says do we know WHICH nightsister clan they are referring? As has been stated they are factionalized, are the witches from Dathomir? or elsehwere? Is this the clan of Mother Kainel?”

Dro Plund (kunta.scribe) would pause looking to Anda “The Nightsister clan, that has assualted our order, are the only ones at this time, that are acting out. The Witches of Dathomir have been quiet. The exact clan they are a part of, has yet to be determined, however the following people, are ones who are starting the conflicts, Nighsister Kara, Asha, Tahiri and I believe her name is Aria, as well as Tyber who is a nightbrother.” he’d pause and look to Tompunka as he said “Apologies Mighty Tompunka, that was actually directed at the humanoid in front of Lady Anda The Hutt who spoke.”

Aiden  is there, listening. Has since put his datapad away in a pocket.

Skyler lets out a low growl as her smile shifted into a slight frown and her eyes narrowed slightly upon Dro as the Council Master referred to herself as ‘the humanoid in front of Lady Anda the Hutt’. Still, she kept her mouth shut, and placed her focus on the conversation and not creating an unnecessary scene.

TompunkaTheHutt Resident in Huttese: chissa, an paguta, ji drikhi masa upee wong nei’cha diki jimpa ne nai so wumpa an jabuki ko uni che makriss nai putta

Translator Droid: ŦöɱƤǔƞƘą says Lordas, and Guests, I would insist that out-of-place outbursts of creatures not in proper place and form be muzzled for breaks in protocol

Rolga Xue in Huttese: jimpa, kee wumpah bu palko

Translator Droid: Rolga Bareesh says indeed, bring out the muzzles

Dro Plund  was awkwardly standing, awaiting for further address or questions, he’d ensure he wasn’t standing on the bothan rug out of respect to the Bothan

Braith Aluna  widens her eyes and sees all the muzzles and straps as she coughs looking down at her datapad and feeling a trickle of sweat run down her chin, she thought that it was a bit excessive, but here that is proper nonsense.

Dro Plund looked over, and seen the muzzles, he’d wonder where Master Wosice was for this.
Anda  looks to the two bareesh a bit irritatedly

ŦöɱƤǔƞƘą (tompunkathehutt) puffs a fresh cloud of vapor from his overlstuffed tabac roll

AnnieDae Resident in Huttese: ji ee’jaga mulira akklai un azalus bala be ganku wong jimpa bunno pim mukai kilin whao uran rima anku kilin, chay sa un wong ji so nobata jabuki che mwa chi uska jabuki bunno be dwana un so drikhi huha. haga bo wan, mwa wassa gee dobo kilin  gulpa gee bu putta bunno akklai manu haga, ji kuna ne wan kabuk gopah chuba rima ha.  kabuk be bo so, sa haga hajin magok drikunna jiji ee’jaga tana chi wan wan hajin. diura coona chuba chu mulira che sa upee jiji kabuk pim huha mulira bala bala dobo che ee’jaga, ji uran chuba chu ha chuba konchi diki be paguta chu un pim dwana wampo.

Translator Droid: Anda says I think it sets a dangerous precedence to begin muzzling unruly members of our kajidics when they speak their minds, there is a reason I own no muzzles for my retainers but Bareesh seems to require a multitude of them. Master Dro Plunf, my experience with nightsisters has been only with the Dathomirian sect of Mother Kainel, I do not know these sisters you speak of. Askign us to remain neutral, is of course redundant as we remain neutral on all galactic matters. If what you are asking for is that we specifically deny them assistance should they ask for it, I think you are aware you will need to offer us a more interesting deal.

Braith Aluna (relain) knew that this was coming and looked over to Master Plund.

TompunkaTheHutt Resident in Huttese: drikhi uska tuta kilin ee’jaga, mulira be hok bunno drikunna, whao kon dobo ko bu uni paguta be rima, kon chu boga hok, nami kon

Translator Droid: ŦöɱƤǔƞƘą says unrestrained bursts from unexpected sources, directed to our distinguished quests, when it would be the Lordas’ places to speak, surely are poor form, Lorda Anda

Rolga Bareesh  smiles as he motions his Majordomo to take the muzzles away

PINKYseskSuri deep bends, pausing,, picking up the straps, and sauntering to the closet ,,

Dro Plund  kept his blank emotionless, as he said “I am aware of that, and would ask, with this gift, that if the Mighty Hutt Cartel, has assistance asked of them from the Nightsisters, that they contact myself, and we shall offer an exciting and sweet deal to the Hutts that will surely persuade them that the profits of denying assistance are much higher than the profits of assisting the Nightsisters.”

Rolga Bareesh  laughs loudly and deep

Braith Aluna  nodded and allowed the Force to flow from her hands to raise the barrels forward, they were filled with one of Master Wosice’s concoctions with a bit of additives to them for the Hutt’s palate.

Rolga Xue in Huttese: gi je jimpa dobo ji drikunna hajin jabuki, dobo Jedai, chuba naga bu hutta be ee’jaga che bu jabuki be gopah che chi an paguta chuba nami wampo mulira diki?

Translator Droid: Rolga Bareesh says let me see if I have this correct, Master Jedi, you want the Hutts to wait for the nightsisters to ask for assistance and then you will offer us something?

Skyler finds herself tempted to speak out, but would still her own tongue as she kept her eyes firmly upon the Kalway Order Council Master upon the dias, letting the situation play out as it would

Dro Plund  would indicate to 10 large barrels that himself and Braith had brought in as he said “We actually offer you this in the meantime, with another 10 barrels, on our ship.”
Anda  twisted out a smile from her lips and bobbed her head to the side “Your offer is interesting. You have done us the proper protocol of bringing tribute to ask our assistance and we have recognize dit, if we are approached by the nightsisters, we would consider speaking with your order for…. counteroffers, before any contracts are negotiated” *she smiled again a wide face splitting smile and motioned to Olivya* “stuka dawatas, che fierfek” *she wiggled her finger at the barrels* “was there anything further master jedis?”

PINKYseskSuri ‘s hands slide over her datapad, holo images of ships in docks appear,, finding the Jedi ship then accessing the ship inventory and nodding

Dro Plund  he’d bow deeply as he said “There was nothing else that we had, Mighty Hutt Cartel.”

Olivya Glenwalker looked at Pinky and then the other Hutts with leveled look fuming a bit. She turned to her own Hutt boss, shook her head, and whispered something quietly as Dro continued to answer questions. She whispered again to Anda, “here’s the carrot… waiting for the stick to appear.” Ollie listened to the Huttese from Anda before stepping down the ramp and looking the barrels over with her datapad.

Braith Aluna  bowed to the Hutt Cartel in turn and raised her head up to close her datapad and place it on her belt.

Anda (anniedae) nods “very well then if the other lords have nothing to say on the matter, I think it stands that if we are approached by your adversary in this atter we will entertain counteroffers from your order before we assist them.”

ŦöɱƤǔƞƘą (tompunkathehutt) simply nods

Skyler looks over her shoulder and asks Anda quietly: “Mwa Lorda, I am curious who accompanies Council Master Dro.. I have not seen them before.. Perhaps it would be wise to have them introduce themselves?”

Dro Plund  would flash his gaze down to his datapad as a message flashed across it, his gaze would come back up and fall onto Skyler as he waited to be dismissed. His gaze would move to Tompunka to see if he’d say anything about the outspoken Lady Skyler

Anda  looks up “Master Plund, Pawa Skyler of the Anjiliac Kajidic requests the identity of your companion before you leave”

ŦöɱƤǔƞƘą  murmurs as he sees the glance from the Jedi … “It is not my place to humor others’ pets”

Dro Plund  would step to the side and say “May I present Lady Braith, Knight of the Kalway Order of Jedi.”
Braith Aluna  looks over to Master Plund and back to the Mighty Hutt stepping forward to give a courtly bow to the Hutt Cartel, silently.

Anda  nods “very well, the cartel recognizes your presence this evening. If that was all youa re dismissed, the next speaker may take the dais”

Skyler shifts her gaze onto the Jedi Knight, looking the female over for a moment before bowing her head in considerate greeting, flashing a slight resemblance of a smile at Braith following the Jedi Master’s introduction

Dro Plund  nods, he’d bow once last time, then step off the dias

Braith Aluna  felt a pang of confusion at the look of the lady who looked at her so, and quickly gave a bow to follow Master Plund out of the chambers.

Dro Plund  stood next to Aiden, to see if he was going to respond to his whisper from befor

Aiden  looks over to Dro and whispers something to him, but it is not regarding what he’d said before.

Olivya Glenwalker checked the available casks/barrels thoroughly with her datapad. She raised an eyebrow at one reading and seemed to nod to something said over her headset. Ollie then glanced over to Anda and gave her an informative nod. The pilot no longer seemed worried with the containers or the contents here.

Minx Bade: Thank you everyone for comeing to night. If you haven’t had a chance to see the rules please take a moment and go to

Braith Aluna  looked at the time in her datapad and looked over to Master Plund giving him a nod, “we have another agenda to go to Master… late, but I think we can make it.”

Anda nodded “If there were no further matters and the lords had nothing further to add I believe we can call this meeting closed?”

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