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Hutt Night went out in a Bang!

CONCUSSIOnLast night at Hutt Night, GNW is reporting that there was an explosion.  Our sources say that Thermal detonator was used. Gordon the Hutt was not injured but we can not say the same about his guest. GNW will keep you informed of those taken out by the blast and those being treated at the medical centers.

GNW doesn’t know if this was a further attack on the Hutts, but we do know that event started with Gorgon the Hutt speaking to the crowd sating that he was planning on bringing back an old past time celebration once practiced on Tattione and that is racing. He went on to say that these races will take place on multiple planets. He is hoping to get permission to have tracks set up throughout the galaxy.

He moved on to make requests for supplies and resources needed for his operations. His list of request needed was one being Medical supplies. Gorgon the Hutt also added that they have expanded defense forces to the border to slow any more unprovoked attacks on themselves and his people. He said, “that trade lanes are being guarded tighter and any first empire ship passing by the lanes will be hailed and giving the warning to turn back or be detained.” He went on to say that other empire will be informed of their actions. Gorgon the Hutt said, “Trade is important and due to such actions needed… Tariffs on many ports will be increased to help support better trade defense and to help keep Hutt space safe. ” He went on to say before you start to think this is all about Hutt greed as you two legs call it, this is just the sad part of business as Hutt space is under attack and they will defend it and their business’ partners.

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