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In Respond to Anda The Hutts Interview

Aiden: “I can say that I know for a fact that the Kalway order never purchased weapons from the Baressh clan.”

GNW  was there when those words was spoken by  Senator Aiden. We stood near the temple there we had talk with Council master Dro about GWN Article   Anda Interview-Jedi banned from Hutt Space805ae8_e4f4e36c37ec40cf804ed5d30353f542.jpg_srz_p_551_598_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srz

KinsaShala said, “Alright its was reported that the Jedi were buying arms and it was possible that they were building a arm force. The Hutts being attacked by Jedi and also what happen at Hutt night when you were taken. The Hutts have some concern. Can you tell GNW your view?”

Dro Plund said “Let me clear some things up for you. Firstly, the intervention by myself and Jesma Pearl, was in order to save Tompunka’s life, it was one hutt, vs a Death Watch member, a Gossam and a Former Jedi Knight. We stepped in, to ensure that the Hutt would live.” he’d pause and look back before returning his gaze to Kinsa “The Jedi have brought no weapons. We have inquired into the purchase of weaponry, to get them out of the hands, of those to wish to do evil with them, these weapons would of been brought, and decommissioned or used to re-enforce Galactic Federation of Free Republic worlds, to ensure that what happened to Onderon would not happen to a Federation world.” he’d pause and sy “I would like to see proof from Hutts, as to what evidence they have of Jedi attacks on them? Tompunka the Hutt of Bareesh Clan, is in fact grateful for my assistance to him, and from what I know, was quite distressed to hear that I was arrested for saving his life.”

KinsaShala said, “So What will the Jedi do about this section on all jedi in hutt space?”

Dro Plund looked to Kinsa and say “I shall be opening communications with Tompunka the Hutt, to see whether this is valid, or just coming from Anda the Hutt, who seems to have a grudge against both the Federation and the Kalway Order.”

KinsaShala said, “And if it is true what will the Order do then?”

Dro Plund gaze fell onto Downz before back onto the reporter “What will the Order do, if the block from Hutt Space is supported by the Cartel? We will work to improve relations again. However, if it is just the motives of Anda the Hutt, then we will look at what the other Hutts want, as, for Anda to be controlling the others, means they are not independent or free to do as they please, as Anda is controlling them.”

[20:01] KinsaShalaKinsaShala said, ” if Anda is controlling the Hutt, will the Order still work to improve relations?”
Dro Plund: I can not give a comment on that, as no discussions have been held on this matter yet.

KinsaShala said, “Master Dro You said, “That Anda the Hutt has it in for the Federation. Why do you think she does?”

Dro Plund tilted his head slightly, holding back his remark he’d say “Aside from sources close to Anda the Hutt saying that, of which I can not reveal those sources. Her actions have also indicated such.”

KinsaShala said, “I thank you Master Dro for allowing GNW speak with you. Is there any last words you would like are viewers to know.”

Dro Plund: Yes, I would like viewers, to be assured, that the Kalway Order of Jedi, do not have any operations currently in either Dathomir or Hutt Space, as previously implied in one of your previous articles. The Kalway Order of Jedi wish to see the Force in balance, and that requires the removal of those of the Darkside. I would also like to say, for the Hutt meeting, where myself and Jesma were arrested, we had traveled there separately. I traveled with my padawan, to expose him to the dealings of the Hutts. After this meeting, I bumped into Jesma in the cantina area, we chatted for a bit, before hearing an explosion upstairs, I went back upstairs to find that 3 people were attacking a Hutt, in Hutt Space. Myself and Jesma, both having been trained Jedi, could not stand idly by while a life hung in the balance, we sprung into action, to save this Hutt, without our direct involvement, I very much doubt that Tompunka the Hutt would of lived. During my arrest, none of the questions asked, were in regards to my  arrest. All questions were asked regarding the business proposal. Anda the Hutt, was directly trying to cause the Bareesh Clan harm by destroying the business proposal. The weaponry, would of been brought, to help re-enforce Federation worlds, to prevent devastation like what occurred on Onderon recently, and has occurred on many worlds. With occupations previously having been done on both Tython and New Alderaan many years ago. Both the Federation and the Jedi, have no desire to impress our will upon other people. Exception being, when someone is punished for there crimes, they shall meet the full extent of the law.

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