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Jedi injured while defending a raid on New Alderaan

On speaking to the liaison of the New Alderaan Governor Xaraec, GNW has learned that a Jedi Master of the Kalway Order of Jedi, Jesma Pearl and a Jedi Knight accompanying her were injured in an raid by a band of unidentified smugglers on the main space station at New Alderaan.

Jedi Master Jesma and Jedi Knight Trakker were investigating a distress call from Governor Xaraec’s office following a daring raid by a female Togruta and a Mandalorian warrior.  The miscreants were allegedly after specific valuable cargo stored in the secure holding area and took little else.

Security forces are tight lipped on the possible groups involved however sources on condition of anonymity inform us that this may be the possible handiwork of the Black Sun with help from saboteurs inside the station.  A photograph of one of the raiders the female Togruta, has been released to GNW by New Alderaan Security Forces for publication to help identification and to obtain leads for further investigation.

Security footage of the Mandalorian has been deemed less useful for purposes of identification as he was in full armour. Governor Xaraec had this to say when the GNW team sought his comments “It is extremely distressing that our Jedi friends were injured in this attack, at this point we are not ruling any possibilities as to who might be behind this raid, but rest assured we will bring them to justice.  I for one am amazed that a band of non-Force wielders had overcome the Jedi, we will no doubt study footage of the battle to strengthen our security arrangements immediately.”

GNW is tracking this story closely to uncover more.

Photo courtesy New Alderaan Security

The suspected Female Togruta Raider: