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KOJ Booth at the SCI-FI CON EXPO

Snapshot _ Kalway Order of Jedi - SciFi Con Plot #146, SFC Uto2The Kalway Order of Jedi returned to the Sci-Fi Expo this year with an impressive build by Jedi Knight Trakker Carrde.   Jedi Master Thalia Spintrus led activities with multiple Padawans stepping in to manage the booth which including Asteria Maxima, ƬƦƛƇƳ ƛƝƓЄԼ, and Luci.  At the time of this report, the KOJ booth was in the lead for Favorite Booth.  I was told by Jedi Master Thalia that the booth even has a memorial of the late Jedi Master Koraa Aya.    Jedi Master Koraa Aya was KOJ’s first trained master. She showed dedication, loyalty, and friendship to any who approached her. There is a memorial statue display of her by the waterfall on Yavin IV in the wilderness.

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