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Lady Asha explains her motives for surrendering

GNW  wasn’t allow to  capture image of the area where the  prisoner was based on security reason.

In her interview with Lady Asha, the Nightsister under arrest for beheading at least a dozen Federation citizens, GNW Reporter Tiona Twine probes into the reasons for the Nightsister’s surrender.805ae8_663b2685c7ac4a428af4d9783cac0ef1.gif_srz_p_275_200_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_gif_srz
Tiona Twine: “This is now Tiona Twine from the Galactic News Watch. May I ask you some questions?”

Lady Asha  looks up with a soft tear in her eye

Tiona Twine can’t see the sort of tear through this confounded field. So, she is oblivious to the emotions that might be felt as yet. “Is that a yes or no to answering questions?”

Lady Asha  nods softly” you may” her voice was soft and kind

Tiona Twine: “I guess the first question is why did you decide to turn yourself in?”

Lady Asha  looked up and smiled” love…. love has opened my eyes an now I whish to bridge the wound between the jedi and the nightsisters….I want to be able to make it so me and the one I love can be together without persecution… I figure if I turn myself in an pay for my crime of the dead refuges….that it may be the start to the end of this.

Tiona Twine: “Who is your love? And what do you expect the penalty for dead refuges might be?”

Lady Asha shakes her head” I can not tell you their name, but I am sure they will kill me….

Tiona Twine: “So….you’re planning to be with your love in the after life?”

Lady Asha shakes her head” I am sure my life being removed is only a temperamental thing….. I have died once before helping the KOJ…

Tiona Twine blinks. “You’ve died before.” not really comprehending that.

Lady Asha  shakes her head softly” it is not a problem but yes i figure the worse they will kill me for my crimes… though I am hoping master Iria and the other Jedi masters can be merciful

Tiona Twine: “Jedi can be, but I’m told they’ll kill someone deemed a true danger to others.” still isn’t fathoming or believing the coming back from the dead thing.

Lady Asha  nod softly to her” I am not that dangerous…

Tiona Twine: “Not what I heard. Headless bodies?” gulps. “So, love has transformed you?  What can you tell me about your love?”

Lady Asha  smiles softly as she stands up”: a few hundred headless bodies is the least that I have done…. but for now I am at peace… they’re lovely… an they care about me as a person….an do not judge me for my past sins…

Tiona Twine shudders. “So, because …wait..’they’? How many loves do you have?”

Lady Asha  shakes her head”  I am just keeping there gender and race ambiguous

Tiona Twine: “Oh, alright then. So, because of love, you’re just suddenly this completely different person incapable of performing the atrocities you’ve done in the past?”

Lady Asha  not incapaable, but I am not likely too…I harbored a lot of anger back then….I feel free at peace…..

Tiona Twine: “I doubt the Jedi will be satisfied with ‘not likely to,’ but stranger things have been known to happen. So, did you come alone to turn yourself in? I heard someone was with you.”

Lady Asha nods” I first turned msyelf in to the jedi order NJO an master marsh, he then brought me here to yavin to turn me into atlantis and the others.  an no one can say they are free of evil or not.. even jedi can be come corupt…. but I can say that i will not be directly going after others in anger…or hate….like I have in the past

Tiona Twine: “So you turned yourself in first to NJO and specifically to Master Marsh? Why did you single him out as someone to turn yourself in to?”

Lady Asha shrugs he was the first one there an I knew with him I would be able to turn myself in instead of being thrown off the planet

Tiona Twine: “Why would anyone throw you off the planet instead of taking you into custody if you announced you were turning yourself in? Are you saying the other NJO are incompetent?”

Lady Asha  shakes her head”  I have tried to do this three times now, the KOJ keeps wanting to fight or throw me off the planet… a few of the NJO took he same stance….I just want to pay for my crime so we can move past this.  I just hope they are quick with there punishment…” she turns softly

Tiona Twine turns and nods to Jayden. “Well, looks like my time is up, but I think I asked everything anyway. Thank you for your time.”

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