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Last night Bespin was Attack by Killiks

killik attack bespin_003 killik attack bespin_011 killik attack bespin_012

The issue of killiks that New Alderaan had has now been brought to the footsteps of Bespin.  Last night Bespin was attacked.  Our source tells us that the Killiks were looking for the unjoiner technology.  A technology created by the Bespinian that allowed those who have been part takers of a joining to break free.  The technology is being kept in a well select place that our source is not at liberty to tells us where.   Troopers were there to hold back the swarming invaders as they took over the plaza and medbay.  Senator Aatto from Naboo, who was saved on New Alderaan, was taken to bespin to be administered the unjoiner tech there was taken out of bespin’s medbay by the troopers and lifted to a secure place for his safety. As our prayers were with the people of New Alderaan, our prayers are with the Bespinian. We are hoping for great outcome. GNW will keep you updated on the fate of Bespin as they come.

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