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Limmie is back!

LimmieIt was a popular sport played on many planets.  It was the favorite sport of Mandalorians and clone commandos. In Mando’ the game was called Meshgeroya the beautiful game.  In 0 BBY the Galactic Cup was put on hiatus after the destruction of Alderaan and Team Alderaan was dissolved.  Before the battle of Yavin, there were teams like Team  Alderaan, Bylluran Athletic, Team Coruscant, Team Fondor, Team Fwilsving, Team Kinyen, Team Kothlis, Team Kubindi, Team Ord Mantell, Team Ralltiir, Team Tralus, and Team Yag’Dhul.  Great Athletes like Cael Hanarist from Team Alderaan, Jipoly Numifolis from Team Coruscant, and Onila Richblum from Team Yag’Dhul were all stars of the game.

The sport was called Limmie, also called bolo-ball depending on the location.  Minx Bade, the liaison of the Affiliated Fress Systems to the Bareesh Clan and Great Council of the Hutts has told GNW that she has plans to bring the sport back.  The event, she said,  “will be played every other weekend opposite of the swoop races.”  The next swoop event will be on the 19th of this month. Minx is also in search for good athletes who are willing to play the sport.

The game is teams of 3 players, a center, and two forward positions
each half is 1000 seconds.  Two teams play against each other, trying to score a goal. Single points are awarded for minx_001each goal.  Actions like kicks, headers and physical contact in the form of tackles is allowed.  An off-side rule also exists and penalties are awarded for infringements. The game is referred by an on-field referee and two linesmen over two half-times. Minx Bade said this will be a sport that it’s going to be a fun event that everyone can enjoy as well as place wagers.

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