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Madam Chair Address Tome clan’s claims of corruption

lady chair Tiplaria_001

Greetings Fellow citizen of the federation. I come to you today to address the issue involving Fai’ra disappearance.  Fai’ra, as you know, was placed on trial for treason.  The trial was done fairly no bais attention. The most humane thing that the federation believed that was the right thing to do was not to kill her which is what most government would do when a citizen commits treason but we decide to place her in carbonite.  The Tome Clan wanted to execute Fai’ra. Tried blocking the path of her getting frozen, demanding that she be released to them so they could execute her for her crimes. I know that they had a concern of Fai’ra escaping and to them, it would have been better to solve the issue with her death.   Executing someone is not an issue I take lightly and so I was glad we work things out.  They were there when she was placed in carbonite and was there when we locked her up for storage.   The whole time we were open and didn’t hide anything from them and we will remain open.  Tome our citizen of the Federation and what concern our citizen concern me.  If they desire to investigate the federation, they are welcome to.  The GFFR is willing to cooperate with any questioning they may have into corruption within the Senate.

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