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Madam Chair Respond to Tome Clan’s Accusation

madam Chairwoman and the queen of Alderaan and the Baron admin_001

While at the summit with Queen Jacinda Taborri of New Alderaan and Baron Administrator Rhialto Tereshchenko of Bespin, speaking on matters of GFFR getting involve in-state involving  Galactic events that will bring about peace throughout the Galaxy, The Madam chair pause to respond to Tome clan’s accusation.  Madam chair had this to say, “Tome Clans are the citizen of Bespin which are citizens of the Federation. We wouldn’t attack our own citizen, but we are looking into who the attacker was and we will bring her to justice.  Are intelligence agency believe this was most likely someone who cares about Fai’ra.  If anyone from the GFFR was involved….it is someone acting of their own accord”

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