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Madam Chair Respond to Tython’s Declaration

lady chair Tiplaria_001

The GFFR’s main goal is the welfare of it’s citizens and not the blind acquisition of power. It was founded on the firm principles of Democracy and Autonomy for its members.

While it is regrettable that the NJO have chosen to believe false and baseless allegations of corruption, The prime requisite of membership to the GFFR is a willingness to work together.

We challenge the NJO or anyone else who have alleged that there is corruption in the GFFR to put forward any proof, reasonable doubt or table any facts before the Congress of the GFFR. If someone comes forward with reasonable cause, the GFFR will investigate and act immediately.

We wish the people of Tython well, however if our enemies such as the Seraphin Empire attack us we will defend ourselves as is our right.

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