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Nar Shaddaa Ambassadorial Complex

Snapshot _ Mos Espa _ Nar Shaddaa _ Ilum (SWRP) [ILM-CS only],The Kalway Order of Jedi opened the Zenmondo Institute of Diplomacy. The small gathering included Grand Master Iria Tuqiri, Rolga Bareesh, Masters Tanira Ramen and Thalia Spintrus, Jedi Knight Karma Meifft, Captain Minx Bade, Chiss Ascendency representatives Tilz’enro’sabosen of House Sabosen and Anaria Csapla, various others including a delegation for the Celestials.

The purpose of the embassy as stated by Master Spintrus was to open the doors of diplomacy versus perpetuating the myth that Jedi are out to impose morality on the galaxy but rather maintain peace and stability while defending those who need such defense.

It was also stated that the embassy is a natural, logical progression of the work done to negotiate the Nar Shaddaa Accords, as done by Jedi Council Master Zenmondo Wormser, who was also in attendance and for whom the embassy is named.

After the brief statement, Rolga Bareesh heard audiences from the Jedi and discussed a matter that was of importance, showing that the purpose of the embassy was respected by both Jedi and Hutts on Nar Shaddaa.

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