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Nar Shaddaa Swoop Races (Aug 4th, 2018)

Snapshot _ Mos Espa _ Nar Shaddaa _ Ilum (SWRP) [ILM-CS only], Nar Shaddaa and the Mighty Rolga Bareesh recently saw the return of swoop racing hosted through their streets and tunnels. With a few prestigious Hutt onlookers and various other spectators, 5 racers took the calling to test their skills against one another, and seek top throne as swoop bike champion.

Each racer was given two laps each to qualify on their own for their starting position on the grid, starting with Karma Meifft, who experienced technical complications and was forced to retire her run. She would later try again and manage to set a time, only after Minx Bade experienced technical complications of her own that would hinder her lap. In the end, no racer could match Luke Carmona’s blistering time of 47.731 seconds.

The qualifying order went as follows:
1 ~ 47.731 – Luke Carmona
2 ~ 49.636 – Emmy Bloodbury
3 ~ 50.514 – Lulu Anjali Lemieux
4 ~ 54.039 – Karma Meifft
5 ~ 55.161 – Minx Bade

Race 1 began with each racer lining up on the grid and being started off via an automated countdown that would unleash them for a total of 6 laps. Luke Carmona would get off very slowly after having forgotten to increase his thrust, and found himself trailing the field upon arrival at the first corner. Emmy Bloodbury and Minx Bade would take the leads of the race and battle for position, with Emmy managing to hold her place at the head of the field. Luke would soon move into the third and find himself caught behind 2nd place Minx Bade, whereas Lulu Anjali Lemieux reported that she had later gone off course during the initial lap and found herself in a building, retiring herself from the round. Lap two would eventually see Luke Carmona make his way around Minx Bade through the tunnel section and find himself behind Emmy Bloobury, but being unable to catch her by the end of the lap as a result of avoiding blaster fire from 3rd place via the speeder’s built-in dual laser cannons. It wouldn’t be until midway through lap 3 that Luke would pass Emmy for the lead of the race, managing from that point to slowly extend his lead and ride his speeder home to a maiden victory, followed by Emmy Bloodbury in 2nd and Minx Bade in 3rd.

Race 1 Results:
1 ~ Luke Carmona
2 ~ Emmy Bloobury
3 ~ Minx Bade
4 ~ Karma Meifft
5 ~ Lulu Anjali Lemieux

Race 2 would include all 5 racers yet again, this time lining up on the grid in reverse order of their finishing positions from Race 1, placing Lulu Anjali Lemieux on pole position and Luke Carmona in the back. Upon race start, Luke would meander his way through a thick crowd of swoop bikes and take the lead in 2 corners, the others having gotten tangled up with one other. He would from there extend his lead by a sizable distance before yet again coming across the line in the top position, the 2nd and 3rd place positions being swapped from the race before, with MSnapshot _ Mos Espa _ Nar Shaddaa _ Ilum (SWRP) [ILM-CS only]2inx Bade coming home in 2nd and Emmy Bloodbury in 3rd.

Race 2 Results:
1 ~ Luke Carmona
2 ~ Minx Bade
3 ~ Emmy Bloobury
4 ~ Karma Meifft
5 ~ Lulu Anjali Lemieux

The Nar Shaddaa Swoop Races are expected from this point on to be a bi-weekly event using various race formats, including but not limited to Tournaments, Eliminations, and Team Efforts.

Filling the weekends between race events will be none other than Bolo Ball, which will be hosted at the Nar Shaddaa Bolo Ball stadium.

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  • LukeCarmona

    Just a note for readers, the racers who took part are not to be ICly recognized as having actually taken part. Canonically the race did however take place.

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