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New Alderaan bombed, heavy civilian casualties!!!

New Alderaan has been bombed heavily by suspected Sith marauders. The incident occurred when Governor Xaraec and Queen Rebellia had left New Alderaan for Tython in order to attend the elections for the new Chairman of the Galactic Federation of Free Republics.

Though the recent planetary defense upgrades deterred a ground force occupation, the brutal assault on farming areas saw heavy civilian causalities with minimal damage to military installations. The current death toll has crossed 20,000 mostly civilians.

The hospital on the surface was completely razed leading to over crowding at the space station medical center.

Both Queen Rebellia and Governor Xaraec were reserved on their comments citing security concerns, regarding the suspected perpetrators, however GNW sources indicate that all fingers seem to be pointing to a suspected Sith Group.

Rebuilding and rehabilitation has been swift, however it is important to note that the Federation has not declared war on the attackers This incident is alleged to be a rude awakening for Queen Rebellia who has no military experience what so ever.

GNW will be monitoring the developments to bring you the lasts news every morning.


Attack on New Alderaan

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