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New Alderaan First Techmaze

pic for the techmaze_001  New Alderaan had her first Techmaze. The fair was held on a facility build inside of a mountain. This place is where New Alderaan work on the most advanced scientific breakthrough. All the members who show up at the fair to display their invention were members of the GFFR but there were others who only came to see the amazing breakthroughs in science.

host to the techmaze_001The Techmaze was hosted by Jubilee, who was grown and born at the facility as part of a clone army created with the joint efforts of the New Alderaanian scientist and Fa’athra scientist.





Aristocra Tilz’enro’sabosen (Tes) one of the leaders of the Chiss Ascendancy brought amazing device and here is what she said about it.
Aristocra Tilz’enro’sabosen (Tes): “This device came from one of the Dread Seeds that was used against citizens of GFFR Space and Hutt Space. The Chiss and the Yavin Jedi were able to obtain two of the seeds. The Chiss have attempted to reverse engineer the one we obtained. This device is of techmaze invent form teh chiss_001course not as powerful as the one that The Assembly produced. ” she goes on to tell us that this is a device of self-defense, it’s a force nullifier. Unlike the Ysalamiri of planet Myrkr, it doesn’t ‘cut off’ the force, it merely alters the flow making it more difficult for a dangerous force wielder to harm innocent lives.




Members of Yavin IV of KOJ displayed a Prototype Medical transport. Master Spintrus told us that it was a Kalway class transport fresh off the ship drydocks of Mon Calamar. We were told that they name the transport afttechmaze invent form yavin iv2_001er the Grandmaster Iria.

techmaze invent form yavin iv_001






New Alderaan also had their own display at the Techmaze. Their scientists and engineers had worked on a rector that was just as powerful as a star. This rector was powerful enough we are told to provide clean energy for the whole planet or moon. New Alderaan was using their prototype to provide power to the same facility. They also have plans to use it for other devices that require power sources like their Alderaan reactor_001





If you missed this amazing Techmaze, New Alderaaanian say there is always next year. GNW looks forward to reporting the latest tech that everyone will be displaying next year and will keep you informed with the tech display this year.

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