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New Alderaan Memorial Day – Queens Speech

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Many year’s ago, in what we now call 0 BBY, humanity was nearly destroyed when our original homeworld of Alderaan was disintegrated by a weapon most evil.

Many lost their lives and many lost hope that day. Many were resigned to believe that those who spread hate, oppression and evil had won. Indeed on that dark day it did seem like all was lost, including our home, our world.

However the lessons of the subsequent events teach us to never give up in our darkest hour. The forces of love, compassion and justice will never be extinguished by the Darkness. The smallest spark of faith can dispel the blackest night.

This is my message to all Alderaanians as I stand before you on the soil of New Alderaan. Through the struggles of our ancestors we rebuilt our home, our entire planet, turned a hostile planetoid into a thriving system and preserved our values. Let this never be forgotten as we sail through the stormy and tranquil waters of life. On this Memorial Day we do not look back to the past but we are inspired by it to make a better future.

These are challenging times when we are at war with Seraphin and today I got the news that our former Queen , the well loved Lady Rebellia was kidnapped by rogue elements. I want to reassure you that we will bring her back at all costs. The sacrifices of our ancestors will not go in vain!

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