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The New Chairwoman Elected from the GFFR

tes_001As we reported, that GFFR had two candidates running for the Chair position. The Candidates were Nyx and Tes.  Yesterday, GFFR held their election and with an overall vote, Tes was victorious.  A completed landslide.  GNW was able to get a statement from the New Chair-Elect.

“I am shocked and honored by the amount of support from my fellow members of the Federation. I can only hope to repay that support and trust they have given me as Chairwoman-elect. I will do everything I can to follow the example that Chairwoman Tiplaria set as a leader and continue her work with the help of the Senate. It will be a team effort to keep the Federation strong and growing stronger, no one can do it alone. Over the next few days, I will be considering the Vice Chair and cabinet picks and I also hope to speak with Madam Chair about the next steps going forward with the current issues the Federation has.

In closing, I look forward to the future of the Federation and what we have coming up, and I hope we see some new and familiar faces in the meetings.”

– Tes

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