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The New Order of the Jedi are back

Richi Haven_001While on Yavin IV, I received communication from a Jedi that I thought was dead.  I met up with him and another on the top of the Massassi temple.  The two were Master Richi Haven (assumed dead) and Master Dardiel Spad. The last two remnants of NOJ. I greeted the two and started by asking the first obvious question and that was the rumors of Master Richi’s death.  Master Richi answered my question by stating that the rumors were true but it took the help of some Jedi masters to rescued him from death.   Master Jedi Richi Haven said that he contacted me to let many in the intergalactic systems know that the ancient Jedi orders are still intact and with many of their members attentive of what is happening in the galaxy.

If NOJ has been so attentive on what has been going on in the galaxy, where have they been all these years was the next question I asked them.  Master Dardiel spad told me that he was on the planet Haruun Kal where he was born.  He told he was in the jungles where he was managing well.  Also I was told by him that there weren’t many of the old order members left.  When asked where did they all go,  I was told that some left to join other Jedi order and others have gone to be with the force.  Which made me think of the old rumors of NOJ turning to the Darkside.  Master Dardiel told me that those rumors were false at least to Master Richi and himself.

Master Richi and Master Dardiel Spad will continue to keep the legacy of NOJ alive and GNW will keep you posted if we learn anything new.

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