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The New Republic Responds to Prilla Bareesh Arrest Statement


Greetings Republic Citizens. Yesterday in the AM via the Federation news frequencies, The Bareesh Hutt clan announced that all citizens, AND allies, of the New Republic, were to be murdered on sight if they visit the world of Nar Shaddaa.

The Republic is extremely disappointed in the actions of the Hutts, in it’s proclamations to harm the innocent. The Republic had put sanctions on the Hutts due to similar behavior, and have now shown their true nature to the galaxy as they make vile threats against Republic visitors to their world. While it is true the Republic had sanctions against those coming from Hutt space, we would never murder one of their citizens who violated this declaration.

Due to the barbaric clan’s declaration upon our citizens, all military personnel are completely restricted from entering Hutt space, and all citizens are requested to venture into Hutt Space at their OWN RISK.

The Republic will NOT sink to Hutt level and retaliate against this brutal act. But neither will it treat with individuals who seek to get our attention under threat. All attempts from the Hutts at communication with the New Republic shall be blocked until this barbaric order is lifted and our citizen safety assured.

Thank you.

*The Supreme Chancellor vanishes from the screen in a fade-out


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