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A New Ryloth for All Twileks

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In the Outer Rim Territories, on the homeworld of the Twi’lek species, GNW traveled to Ryloth once again. On this visit, we met a familiar face, Supisy T’arkona. When we first met Supisy T’arkona, she was running a cantina on the Odessen space station now she is Governor of Delvus IV on Ryloth That is great accomplishment from running a cantina to now running the government of Delvus IV.
Governor Supisy T’arkona told GNW that She was on Odessen when her father died. Glie T’arkona was on the high council for the T’arkona clan. His last wish was for her to have his seat, and to keep that seat in the family name. We were told that the council did not like a female on the High council, but they had to accept Glie T’arkona wishes. This is how Governor Supisy got to sit on the high council, and is now Governor of Delvus IV”

Governor Supisy T’arkona said that she had made contact with Imperials, and that they will ensure the Hutts behave when here and only take slaves that want that life, no more will the just take who they want. She said, ” .. some girls love this life of being slave, it is in Twi’leki blood somehow, but many do not, and she will protect both paths for our people, Imperials can help much in this way, also many Humans when in the outer rim territories can come to Ryloth for some nice times, we are very kind people” she added with a wink. So GNW wondered if Ryloth was a Imperial Territory. Governor Supisy T’arkona assured us by saying, ” No but we are a protectorate, and will remain so as long as it is beneficial supisy_002to my people”

Governor Supisy T’arkona then escort GNW around Delvus IV. South of Lessu city on the east and sourthern side of the city was a lot of construction. she took us to the Main street next to the intergalactic port. Where we saw a lot of houses, large growing market and a cantina named Hirani Nima.. she also show us the ships port. She said, ” We are the only port city on Ryloth capable of handling large freighters, and our city also has enough entertainment and market to appease even the most posh traveler, we are really happy with our ability to please almost any appetite.” She want our Reporters to a stay a few days but as we had other engagements we had to take a rain check.

Governor Supisy T’arkona said, ” that she thinks this new Ryloth is good for all, time will tell, but people happy here, and secure, and we are open to all shipping and freight in this sector, I think this good for all races yes?” I don’t usually give my opinion on any story. I told her becaubuild on Ryloth3_001se I allow my viewers to make up their own minds but I did say that it looked like a good place for all to enjoy.”

Governor Supisy T’arkona said, gave the Lead Editor of GNW Kinsashala an open invitation to visit Ryloth adding that “Ryloth is were dreams come true” she beamed She ended our interview with this statement. ” Ryloth is the home of the Twi’leki people, it is our place, all Twi’lek are welcome here, it is time for us to come home, we have specials for relocating Twi’lek to new houses, please come see us and decide for yourselves” she smiled “Twileks are back” she grinnedon Ryloth_001

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