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Nightsisters being on tython bring strife between KOJ and NJO

GNW  travel to Tython with Kalway as they speak to Tython about the disputed of The New Jedi Order allow the Nisghtsister to dewell with them when they are consinder as  darksiders by the Order.805ae8_50c77e7340474ff9bc301b2c1b9ea138.jpg_srz_p_675_354_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srz
Dro Plund would return the bow “I am Council Master Dro Plund of the Kalway Enclave. This is Knights Braith, Salyn’ne, Raven, Jayden and Kinsa. I was wondering if Master Zac was avaliable?” as he stand each name, he’d gesture towards them

Dro Plund: As, all Jedi should know, the Nightsisters are from the planet Dathomir, they are also darksiders and embrace the Dark Side of the Force. Recently Nightsisters activities have included pushing Yavin IV and isolating us, from other members of the Galactic Federation of Free Republics, which is the intergalactic government that both Tython and Yavin IV are apart of. ” he’d pause and look to Dhalia for a moment, before looking back “Dathomir has recently closed it borders, and its Nightsisters according to reports have taken up on a pilgrimage as called by, by their Fanged and Winged Goddess things. A few of them, took refugee on Yavin IV, during that time, a member of our Security Force and a member of our order have both been converted to the Nightsisters. Now, while also on our moon, they have also continually caused issues with the Mandalorians, and then hid behind us for protection when the Mandalorians have came to get vengeance and justice. Most recent actions are of course, being deported, then coming back

JohnWinston Vandyke: but I have to ask it again…did they do anything against the law, here on Tython? did they harm anyone? If not, we have no right to take some action

Dro Plund: While also, all intelligence reports, that they are rallying their allies, and seek to for some reason obtain my blood. One of the allies they are rallying, has been said to be Master Marsh Solo of this order.

Dro Plund looked to Vandyke as he said “Jedi are called, to bring Balance to the Force, yes?”

JohnWinston Vandyke: at first we are keepers of the peace

Dro Plund: No

JohnWinston Vandyke can’t stand, but he raises an eyebrow again

Zac Mistwalker: ok i think we need to get our visitors out of this temple,,,they have nor need to be in here

Zac Mistwalker: * looks at dhalia and john*

JohnWinston Vandyke nods

Jayden LukasJayden Lukas senses the darksiders within the temple.

Dhalia Unari: would nod to the description of the nightsisters… ” They are against what the Jedi do, and what we stand to protect ans serve. ” she would pause.. ” This presence on Tyhton is one against the will of the council and one the council of Tython does not agree with. We do not support such groups in any manner. Master Marsh Solo… will be dealt with for this blatant act of ignorance and unwillingness to have knowledge prior to his unwanted invitation. ” she then stands and nods to Master Mistwalker…

Jayden Lukas: “I was actually there when Master Marsh Solo invited the night sisters to Tython. He has stated that we should in fact welcome the Sith into our homes for tea. Master Aveta was there as well at the time. Certainly we are still here to defend and protect against those who would seek to cause chaos and destruction. I am certain that the Sith would never be inviting any of us to a tea with them,” as he speaks to the group.

JohnWinston Vandyke: please don’t get me wrong…but what was the reason for the attack on Yavin?

Dro Plund looked to Vandyke “What was the reason for the Nightsisters bringing a ship full of beheaded bodies, and burning our archives? Is that the attack you are asking about?”

Jayden Lukas: “We had granted them asylum initially as they had lost their home. We tried to assist them. However in their time there they caused strife and problems. They wore their welcome out and were asked to leave. However they did not leave peacefully but rather with violence for which we had to defend ourselves and the order and deport them.”

Christopher Vestel looks around “With that being said, when the Nightsisters…not Marsh, were advise they must leave, by myself and others, a Master I believe of your Order, attempt to provoke a emotional and violent response from me. However, they failed, as I was still a bit confused by why a Jedi of the Light, would attempt to side with Darksiders, against another Light Order….the very Order, that trained Marsh. In response to this, aggressive behavior, I will say this, if it continues, our security force may imprison him, as inciting violence, is not the Jedi way, especially with those of the Darkside of Force in company.”

Salyn’ne  Syndulla: That Master Marsh also attempted to use his title of ‘master’ to silence an adept who was making a very good point.

Christopher Vestel nods “I have witnessed this, bully behavior as well…pushing one’s Order position over those who hold a lesser title. This is not the KOJ way, nor will I or I am sure our Grandmaster or Council, allow our members of any title, to be subjected to such behavior. While I do not have a recording with me, make no mistake those I have spoke, would not think twice about handing over such information to me, if I inquired.”

Master Marsh Solo  he looks over to dhalia then holds up his hand to “master dhalia if i may “he looks over to say something “i use that title because someone was talking about killing all that is dark and not of light first and form most I am a jedi consular i fallow that path and I don’t believe in fighting or killing anyone. please and talks and everything else i can think of is my weapons if i can talk my way out of a fight and fight a peaceful way to solve something then I would rather not use my sabers to do my words., if you all want to use sabers than your words find by me but i will not pick up my saber if i don’t have too

Salyn’ne Syndulla: You said killing of any kind is against the code.

Dhalia Unari: would look to Marsh… ” Do not accuse me of such things. You have endangered the people of Tython, and also those of Yavin. Whilst they are no Sith they are still users of the dark side… unwanted on Jedi planets as they have a past.. a dark past with our kind. “