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Odessen’s orbiting space station Cantina Supisy’s


Here at GNW Newsroom on Meresh Valley out post on Yavin IV, GNW had the change to speak with cantina owner Supisy’tarkona.  Supisy cantina is at a space station orbiting Odessen.  Supisy told GNW that she opened her Cantina for Pilots and smugglers to have a place to relax. She told us that it is a good place for food, drinks, and other things.

I had the change to visited the cantina that Supisy calls Supisy’s.  Supisy’tarkona said, “Is called Supisy’s and because we are far out in the outer rim territories we ship supisytarkona_001in almost everything, but we can get Corellian ale, Twi’lek blood wine and many exotic drinks from all over the galaxy.  Supisy makes her special Mynock Coronet City fresh each day and also grow twi’lek herbs for smoking, and this station has many things for travelers. There are apartments, hotels with plenty of room, and then on the planet, there is a resort with nice beaches and clubs.”

Supisy’tarkona told GNW that she has been owner of Supisy’s for six weeks now and that two weeks ago they done striptease dance contest with 1000 credit prize and it was a good turn out, and that it was fun.  Supisy tell GNW how she got the cantina. She said, “Supisy’s father, Gsupisytarkona-2_001lie’tarkona, had arranged marriage with man Supisy not bapta…….love, yes that the word, so I leave and come to Odessen, is not far from Ryloth, and Governor Anders sell me the cantina, has been wonderful experience and make many friends. Supisy never think this happen to her but I very happy there.”

Supisy ended our conversation with this…. “Supisy is always looking for dancers and bartenders for all time zones, and all tips are yours to keep, but always enjoy meeting new people and keeping the place busy.” she adds ” We are always looking to buy slave twi’leks and give them their freedom, so if you are a slave, come see me.  I’ll buy you.”

Supisy’s is always opensupisytarkona-2_002 with bartender weather they be people or droid. If you like good food and drinks, a good show of dancers and a over all good time,  I would advice that you stop by Supisy’s.  GNW will keep you update on anything else we learn on Odessen and Supisy’s  (