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Onderon Ball

Undeterred by the recent bombings the Onderon Life Day ball more than lived up to expectations resulting in a resplendent and lavishly decorated affair that spared no expense. The stunning outfits matched the wonderful food and drink on offer, however the excellent music didn’t get people dancing until three hours had passed, the intended length of the ball.

The initial parleys seemed more like a reception and the real party started after the ball was supposed to have ended and went on for several hours after that with dancing and real good times.

One guest who did not go unnoticed was Jedi Master Jesma Pearl with a lot of the discussion around her many kidnappings. This seemed to cause her embarrassment and she was seen to be blushing and looking around for escape.

Jesma did say her latest captivity on Byss was actually due to her being arrested, apparently indicating this was a change from the norm and mentioned needing to leave the ball early for some kind of mission.

Another guest that showed up that I got to speak with was Shaka the Hutt, child of Jul’gaa the Immense of the Dlugacz, owner of Dlugacz Shipping, Mining, and Freight. He mostly talked with the Queen. The Queen’s daughters were introduced to Shaka; they talked a little about Master Pearl and introduced her to Shaka as well. Then topic turned to talks of the bombing on Coruscant, one of its major buildings. Shaka said this about the bombing, “I do hope the Hutts are not implicated in the explosion? Business always suffers from it and then we have to work with the Sith to make up the losses.” So, don’t blame the Hutts or they’ll start working with the Sith? What a scary thought. He did go on further to say, “Normally I send relief supplies but it was only one building and I assume the government made it to safety. I do not see much that I could do to help although I have heard there were riots this week.” What an upstanding member of the galaxy. He then offered his personal shields to the Royal family. Good candidates for a sales pitch for personal shields, I imagine.

The twitter of incessant conversation was pleasantly broken by the Queen’s special and exciting announcement, “I would like to formally announce the engagement of my daughter, Serenity Kira, Second born to the Kira family, to Sergeant…wait is he a Sergeant? Oh he is a Lieutenant isn’t he…oh well it matters not. She is engaged to the clone trooper Spitfire, of which she just informed me this week. So everyone be sure to offer her their congratulations on this wonderfully happy occasion, which is most appropriately blessed us on Life Day!” So start schmoozing early in order to try and make it on the guest list! It’s sure to be another impressively opulent event.

Onderon Life Day Ball Opening Splendour Onderon Life Day Ball Royal Family Onderon Life Day Ball Shaka

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