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Hutt Night

council meetingThe Galactic Hutt Council met on Wayfar’s Casino July 21. The Council voted to elected Throbon the Hutt as their leader. Then move on to discussed restarting events such as swoop races, and boonta eve knockout. Sometime during the meeting, an unknown rebel group asked for assistance with hunting a rogue sith lord believes to be called toruk. The Council meeting ended shortly after a brawl of gun firing between Mandalorian Bevin Clan and The Flying Rancors Pirates.

The Aldera Wildlife Project

indexGNW went to New Alderaan where we met up with Madam Chancellor Pjaysiv Panteer who is a native to New Alderaan.  Madam Chancellor Pjaysiv Panteer told us that New Alderaan was working on a wildlife project.  Pjaysiv said, “ My Great Great Grandfather had a wildlife reserve on a planet he shared with his brother. My late uncle. so taking care of wildlife is in my blood.” She going on to say that a long time ago Thranta was wiped out because of circumstance that was not under our control. Like many Native Alderaan who were off-world when this happen so were the Thranta who thrive outside of Alderaan. She said that New Aldera’s Government has plan to work with the Government of Bespin to see if we can bring these Alderaan natives back home. She told us that New Alderaan is planning on setting up a wildlife reserve to get them ready to survive in this new world before releasing them back in the wild.

KOJ Booth at the SCI-FI CON EXPO

Snapshot _ Kalway Order of Jedi - SciFi Con Plot #146, SFC Uto2The Kalway Order of Jedi returned to the Sci-Fi Expo this year with an impressive build by Jedi Knight Trakker Carrde.   Jedi Master Thalia Spintrus led activities with multiple Padawans stepping in to manage the booth which including Asteria Maxima, ƬƦƛƇƳ ƛƝƓЄԼ, and Luci.  At the time of this report, the KOJ booth was in the lead for Favorite Booth.  I was told by Jedi Master Thalia that the booth even has a memorial of the late Jedi Master Koraa Aya.    Jedi Master Koraa Aya was KOJ’s first trained master. She showed dedication, loyalty, and friendship to any who approached her. There is a memorial statue display of her by the waterfall on Yavin IV in the wilderness.

GFFR Aldera Mercenaries Agreement

The Aldera Mercenaries Agreement

Section 1. Introduction and purpose

The aim of this protocol is to formalize the relationship between the The Galactic Federation of Free Republic/ Galactic Republic and Mercenaries who are signatories to this arrangement and to provide a legal framework for our cooperation.

Section 2. Legal Status of Mercenaries

To conduct Mercenaries work legally in The Galactic Federation of Free Republic/ Galactic Republic, Mercenaries must get and pay permit fees. Any mercenary doing a job on a world must register their contract with that local government before acting on the contract

Section 3 The protection of Citizen and non Citizen

The protocol accords distinct and separate legal status between the Jedi and the Federation/ Galactic Republic and therefore an unauthorized capture of a Jedi that has not been agreed to by the Jedi’s enclave is illegal. All Citizen and non Citizen in Federation/ Galactic Republic in our territories will have do process before being turn over by pay bounty.

Section 4 Mercenary tax

All Mercenaries will pay 10% Tax fee to conduct mercenary work in Federation/ Galactic Republic space.Mercenaries

The Galactic Federation of Free Republics Senate met Yesterday at the Embassy of New Alderaan on Bespin

large_thumbnail The Galactic Federation of Free Republics (GFFR) Senate met yesterday at the Embassy of New Alderaan on Bespin.   Led by Chancellor  Pjaysiv Panteer, with  The Representatives of  Yavin IV, Bespin, and  New Alderaan.   Those who weren’t at the meeting were Chiss Ascendancy, Balmorra, and the Fel Empire. The Representative of Chiss Ascendancy gave their votes early while  Balmorra and The Fel Empire gave theirs after the meeting. index


The Senate voted on setting on a new day to have their meetings.  Their choices were Saturday or Sunday.  Yavin IV and Bespin being voted neutral, The minute taker was also given the opportunity to vote on the changes of the meeting days and she voted Saturday.    The Chiss Ascendancy, Balmorra,  New Alderaan, and The Fel Empire voted for Sunday.  The Majority vote went for Sunday so Sunday will be the new day for the Senate meetings.    The Senate moved on to vote on the Alliance Accord.  The Alliance Accord passed with an overall majority vote.

Another bill that the Senate voted on was  Clone Rights.   Which States: star-wars-ii-the-clone-army-5-638

This article establishes the rights of all clones within the Galactic Republic territories.

Article 1. This bill recognizes all Clones as legal citizens of the Galactic Republic that live within Galactic Republic space.

Section 1. All Clones shall be granted the rights, benefits, and opportunities of being a citizen of the Galactic Republic including joining the Military or Government.

Section 2. Beings that have been cloned against their will shall have no authority over their Clone.

Section 3. The killing of a Clone is illegal, the same as killing any living being.

Article 2. Clones, Jedi and Government.

Section 1. While all Clones shall have the benefits and rights of citizenship, a Clone must abide by the constitution that prevents Jedi from running for a Government office and attaining voting authority simultaneously.

Section 2. While legalizing a Clones existence and right to live, Cloning itself, by private companies and organizations shall remain illegal unless done under the authority of the Galactic Republic. The Jedi Order and Medical facilities such as Hospitals are allowed to use cloning technology as needed.

Rhialto Tereshchenko, Representative of Bespin only suggested some wording change to Article 1 Section 3   Rhialto Tereshchenko said,  “Just one bit of wording; it may seem overly particular but I have one change I suggest.”  Giving the floor, by Chancellor Pjaysiv Panteer, Rhialto went on to say that Killing should be changed to Murder.   He said, “I would personally change killing to murder. Killing someone in self-defense is not murder.  I just do not like to leave possible loopholes.”  The Senate agreed and changes were made with an overall majority vote to pass the bill.