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Chiss Ascendancy desire to join the GFFR

Chiss Ascendancy_001 The members of the Chiss Ascendancy travel to Yavin IV and GNW had the chance to confirm rumors of whether they had the desire to join the Galactic Federation of the free Republic. We had spoken to Aristocra Tilz’enro’sabosen of the House of Sabosen, Jettha’niara’Csapla of the House Csapla, and Ethsn’ant’thamac of the House of Thamac.

At the time of this interview, We were told that the Chiss Ascendancy had to wait for the Senate to vote to agreed to give them membership. Since this interview, GNW can confirm that the Chiss Ascendancy was granted membership. The day of the interview, which was Sunday, the Senate had not yet voted and It was Aristocra Tilz’enro’sabosen who said when asked has the Senate voted yet. “Not yet at this time, I think that may happen today if time allows. The Republic’s regulations for membership are thorough and lengthy. I admire that to an extent.”

We learned from Ethsn’ant’thamac that the relationship between the GFFR and the Chiss Ascendancy was always shown in goodwill.  Even by sending agents like herself to help and it was through this action the Ascendancy had decided to become more than a source of occasional goodwill to the GFFR.  Ethsn’ant’thamac said, “I wornantha ysf reduxe this serving on loan to this planet years ago. I wear it now willing to serve the republic and the Ascendancy as part of it.”

Jettha’niara’Csapla spoke of the superiority the Chiss but how through their expansion of the Ascendancy they needed to join forces with the alien in order to further their goal and this was one of those times.  She went on to say, “The Heart of the Ascendancy must stay within the ‘Unknown Regions’ to protect the 28 planets we control. We have offered a very minute portion of our personal fleets as well as training and other resources.”

We were told by Aristocra Tilz’enro’sabosen (Tes) their first goal as members would be to meet with the Chairs, and see where the most immediate help is needed that we can be effective. Whether it’s an aid mission or of the military nature. There are new threats popping up daily and worlds in need of supplies because of those threats.  She end our interview by saying, “We hope that the Republic and the Chiss Ascendancy can join in a working partnership for all of our peoples. We have a history that we’re not proud of, but we’re more than our history. Times change and views with them. Already we’re working hard to show we’re sincere and dedicated. We just ask for a chance.”

The Ramikad Declaration

mandalore statue_001GNW has learned that Buurenaar Tome of the combined Mandalorian clan has declared Bespin Mandalorian Territory. This follows the announcement that Tychus has assumed the title of Mand’alor.

Buurenaar Tome assured Baron Rhialto of Bespin that this is not an invasion but an offer of protection and that the Mandalorians consider Bespin their home. Bespin authorities have confirmed the assertion that the declaration of the Ramikad is in no way hostile. “..In essence, nothing has changed for all practical purposes. The Ramikad Aliit has simply formally declared their stance…” Baron Rhialto of Bespin informed GNW.

The declaration was followed by a shiny new statue on the promenade level of the city asserting the presence of the Ramikad in Bespin.

Dominion Assault on unknown Imperial Fleet

Anoat Siege - Hanger LandingGNW was able to get an onboard footage of an attack on a small unknown Imperial fleet. Several drop-ships breach the hanger that just deployed every fighter it could. Cannons clear a few troopers before the doors on the ships open and heavy-armored Assault team jumped out. Among them there seem to be a few individuals wielding lightsabers attacking a legion of stormtroopers. As the assault forces, move forward, the squad of stormtroopers started running for the lift but was unsuccessful as the lift was locked down by their own. Once the stormtroopers was taken out by the assault forces, A slicer was used to slice into the lift to get it active again.

Once the lift was active, the assault force rode to the next floor where they were met with heavy resistance. From the footage, we could see that assault force were facing more troopers as well as Sith. The assault force was victorious against their opposition.

From our sources, we learned that the assault forces that attacked the unknown imperial fleet were a group calling themselves Dominion. A former para-military group run by some Shistavanen extremists. Now with Agir leading it, who inherited the group from his grandmother.Anoat Siege - Corridor Agir-vs-Sith

Madam Chair Address Tome clan’s claims of corruption

lady chair Tiplaria_001

Greetings Fellow citizen of the federation. I come to you today to address the issue involving Fai’ra disappearance.  Fai’ra, as you know, was placed on trial for treason.  The trial was done fairly no bais attention. The most humane thing that the federation believed that was the right thing to do was not to kill her which is what most government would do when a citizen commits treason but we decide to place her in carbonite.  The Tome Clan wanted to execute Fai’ra. Tried blocking the path of her getting frozen, demanding that she be released to them so they could execute her for her crimes. I know that they had a concern of Fai’ra escaping and to them, it would have been better to solve the issue with her death.   Executing someone is not an issue I take lightly and so I was glad we work things out.  They were there when she was placed in carbonite and was there when we locked her up for storage.   The whole time we were open and didn’t hide anything from them and we will remain open.  Tome our citizen of the Federation and what concern our citizen concern me.  If they desire to investigate the federation, they are welcome to.  The GFFR is willing to cooperate with any questioning they may have into corruption within the Senate.