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Galactic News Watch is very pleased to be announcing the opening of a new branch location in the Upper City of Taris. GNW Expands to TarisOur new office is easily found not far from the Senate Chambers, and news terminals are being placed throughout the city so that all citizens will have at-will access to the news being reported. Our central GNW Headquarters will continue to remain on Yavin IV in addition to this new branch office. Along with this new location for us comes a new reporter, Xavaier Epstein, who is undertaking this post as his first assignment. We are confident that he will do a stellar job, and will help to continue growth for GNW going forward. We are also looking to on-board new reporters for this location, interested applicants may contact Xavaier Epstein.

The fact is: no matter how many offices and locations we have, we cannot bring you the news without great sources and interested citizens giving us the leads and information to report. So, for that, we offer our most sincere thanks. We look forward to partnering with the citizens  and businesses of Taris, and we look forward to being the number one provider for your news.

Shade Regime Takes Prudii Stronghold

We arrived on the scene on Tattooine at the former site of the Prudii Clan stronghold, now the site of fire and fury as the Shade Regime has conquered and taken it for it’s own. A pile of a half-dozen bodies laid strewn upon the floor as I exited the shuttle that was sent for my arrival, and I met with Darth Toruk, the  Supreme Leader of the Shade Regime.arrival_004

For those unfamiliar, The Prudii Clan is a Mandalorian clan lead by Vod Prudii, formerly housed on Tattoine before these attacks. Darth Toruk informed us that he wiped out the Prudii many long years ago in his apprentice years. And stated that their leader survived Carbonite freezing after his family was killed by Darth Toruk. “My Troops are hunting down every supporter of Prudii as we speak and thanks to my Hutt business partner it will be a easy process”, Said Toruk.arrival_008” I presume Vod Prudii and his second lead have scurried back to their Rebel allies on Endor while his scouts stay hidden like cowards… Since they made ties with GRAE it’s made them top of my threat list” he continued on. He went on to indicated that his Hutt partner mentioned was Slurm, Toruk’s reported best friend.

This story then took me to the Forest Moon of Endor, where I was fortunate enough to speak with Vod Prudii himself, and with Elder Yodan, the second lead of GRAE. When asked for a quote, Prudii had this to say: “Blood will be made for blood or a swift justice will be made”. When asked if GRAE would continue to stay aligned with Clan Prudii, Elder Yodan stated, “”We will see this outcome to the bitter end ..GRAE will stand by side our Mandalorian friends this dire times. They have lost many this cold blooded attack against them but gained any family in GRAE since this… The Resistance has their back”.Endor_001

New Ships Bring Security to the Republic

Today marks another great landmark for the Republic as construction was finalized just minutes before our tour of the Thranta Mk 2 Class ship that is currently stationed at Bespin. After nearly three weeks of construction, we finally got the opportunity to not only have a good look around, but also to get some of the details about this creative design from it’s designer, Rhialto Tereshechenko who is also the Baron Administrator of new Tibannopolis Bespin, Shipwright, and member of the Republic. 

Thranta Class Mk 2 on Bespin

Thranta Class Mk 2 on Bespin

First we visited the main Bridge. With consoles ready to fly, this ship features two seats in the cockpit and other auxiliary consoles along the rear wall as well. Thranta Class Mk 2 BridgeNext, we visited the Medical bay. This ship is equipped with a full hospital suite including bacta tanks, surgical beds, and more, so that it can dually serve as a Hospital ship if needed.



The Cargo bay was quite spacious and while it already had some cargo in it, it seemed to be far from reaching its capacity. Cargo Bay_001 “The photos may not describe the functionality of the ship. It is made for extremely prolonged periods of time in transit, not needed to dock at port for 2 standard years if fully stocked. It can serve as a relief ship if need be due to its large cargo carrying capacity and to some extent can be used as a medical ship.”, said Rhialto Tereshechenko. 


Crew quarters and Captain’s quarters are also available and feature beds, an Autochef, shower, and toilet. Also featured was Engineering, where the ship’s drives are maintained and utilized, and the Comm / Conference room. When asked if the ship had yet been named, Rhialto indicated that it had not yet been named, but stated “the model is a Thranta MK 2…more advanced version of the older Thranta class, sharing a bit more in common with the older Hammerhead.”


Supreme Chancellor of the Republic, Pjaysiv Panteer

Supreme Chancellor of the Republic, Pjaysiv Panteer

Pjaysiv Panteer, Supreme Chancellor of the Great Galactic Republic said, “The Ships  means safe boarders for the citizens of the Republic. It also gives hope that the Republic is ready to protect our citizens and our allies. As of late there has been news of attacks by  Sith on Taris and Mandalorian space. We want our allies and our enemies to know that the Republic is ready to defend and end oppression by our adversaries abroad…  now that we have new ships, the Galactic Republic is looking for good  man and woman to Join The Galactic Republic  Interplanetary Military (GRIM)  Flier Division. There will be great opportunity for those who join with  (ILM) credit pay based on mission given to you by this Great Government.” She went on to say that interested parties can contact  “Vice Chancellor ZannahBlue or any members of the Senate which are  Rhialto Tereshchenko of bespin,  Alita Steampunk of Republic of Balmorra and  Fel empire and LME, Mustafaaab Connoisseur of Naboo Space Sector, Pelora Panteer ( LydiaTaraMoon) of New Alderaan and Tiplaria ( AbigailClemencaeu)  of Yavin IV.”


Conference room_001 Engineering_001 Rhialto Tereshchenko_001

The Expansion of GRAE

rex and mary jane_001It was February 25 when GNW wrote about the marriage of the happy couple Arbitras Rexsus II and his wife Mary Jane Rexsus. so It has been over two months and GNW travels to the Forest moon Endor to look into the happy couple to see how things were for them for these past few months.

On our visit, we learned where the couple spent their honeymoon. Mary Jane Rexsus said, “Oh it was beautiful we went first a secluded beach on Naboo, and traveled to Tython and many other peaceful planets ..then we saw the hidden gems of Endor which had just more pretty beaches and lovely mountains”

I was told that they visited the old Gupin Sacred grounds. which she said that her husband Rex had told her all about and how he’s the last of their kind. She said that The Gupin Mountains are sad but beautiful. I have never been to the Gupin Mountains on Endor so I want to know much about them. Rex said, “Gupin is half my race. They are a very powerful Shapeshifting race. There have been tales of them migrating here many many years ago. The Ewoks will tell you how they’ve protected them over the years but were lead to near extinction because of the Empire “he nods “They had homes way up the Forest moon’s Mountains which is why it’s called that”

One of the things I notice when I arrived on the base of GRAE was the completed renovation of the base. The room we spoke in was the Tyler dormitory. It was named in the remembrance of Rex’s son. Rex told us that there was a statue across from where I was in honor of Jessant Cassius. Rex told us that Grae had lost many cadets and recruits. As I notice, they continue to grow and to honor those they lost.

Mary Jane Rexsus smiles warmly and said, “There’s even an office for me AND infirmary above us and a new Council room for us” She also said, “I actually have two recruits I am training now and we’re expanding and making alliances ” she nods with a happy tone ” With a few hiccups and attacks from our Regime enemy and Hutt ties” she frowns at this.

They still have the Regime and their new Hutt ally to deal with but their new allies Mandalorian clan Prudii seem promising as they are the enemies of their enemies.
Rex said, ” “The Prudii Leader has been very generous with us and have seen to our aid quite a few times,” he said softly ” They are a very unique Mandalorian clan”

Mary Jane Rexsus and Arbitras Rexsus II last words were they were looking for anyone willing to join them and their family. they are welcome anyone around the galaxies willing to enlist.

GRAE held a private wedding for their Grandmaster

Endor WeddingThis was the wedding of the century. it was held secretly at the GARE’s chambers and GNW has the exclusive. Anyone who was anyone was there. Jedi orders like KOJ and others were welcome to this festival event.

The couple, Grandmaster Abrbitras Rexus and Mary Jane Welson were the ones tying the knot. What a beautiful dress Lady Welson was wearing as she gracefully walked down the archway. The couple held hands and when they met that spoke declaration of sweet words of love.

“You look beautiful my love.”- Arbitras Rexsus II
“Thank you darling and you look handsome in your wedding armor. ” -Mary Jane Welson

It was Elder Vyres Yodan III who married the couple. he starts The vows by saying “Arbitras I watch you grow from a young apprentice and my grandson through most of my life. ” he smirks “You’ve rightfully led this order wisely and became the Grand Command I once was and probably better. ”
“You Arbitras have gone through much in life ..good and bad ..This I want you to remember as one of the bests.” he then turns his gaze to MJ “Lady Welson I’ve had the privilege of knowing your family when you were young,” he said smirking revealing a big secret. “They did valiant things for the Rebel alliance our golden years.”What your family did MJ for us when we were first starting out was an alway remembered sacrifice. ” he sighed and shakes his head. “BUT they, I sense would be proud of the wonderful woman you became today and what you’ve done for GRAE is honorable. ”
The couple had made their own vows.

“Arbitras ..not only you’ve saved me when I first crashed here you became my love, my mate let me in your family even when I wasn’t married to you. ” she blushes “You’ve taught me much in the force and much as a GRAE master. ” she giggles ” I am honored to change my last name Rexsus. ” she nods “And help lead Endor with you as its Royalty also.” she smiles glowing warmly in the force. ” I will love you forever eternally. “- Mary Jane Welson

“My love Lady Welson, You falling into our Forest moon was the gift from the heavens and the Force,” he said nuzzling her hand. “I cherish every time with you and you’ve helped my sanity and balance in the force since I’ve been training you. “he smirks “You make this old one happy he’s finally found someone good for him,” he said with warmth in his words as he paused. ” Mary…you came into my life when I was ready to lose all hope and you brought me that hope,” he said proudly with a firm nod. ” I welcome you to our family and always have,” he said finishing.

Elder Vyres Yodan III asked for the ring and each one place a ring on one another fingers and said I do. They both embrace and kiss and became King and queen Rexsus. I wonder where they are going on their honeymoon. GNW will keep you updated as we learn more.