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“I, Prilla Bareesh, Lorda of Nar Shaddaa and Throbon Inijic, Lorda of Mos Espa are happy to announce that the New Republic and Galactic Empire have had their forces stand down after the events at Hutt Night. In return as a gesture of goodwill, the Bareesh and Inijic Clans announce that all travel embargoes, bounties, and hostility against the New Republic, it’s citizens and its allies are canceled in the interest of galactic peace.”

All out war with Inijic & Bareesh Hutts against Supreme Chancellor Valara Kira

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Throbon Inijic Reply:

The emblem of the Inijic Clan appears… A droid’s voice is heard… “The illustrious Throbon would like to caution the citizens of the New Republic that their leadership has ignored all attempts at negotiation and such propaganda attempts will not go unanswered. The travel ban was placed after it became apparent that this Senate has no wish to negotiate in good faith. Do not confuse the facts… We merely are reciprocating the sanctioning of Hutt Space as instituted unfairly by the radical and untempered passions of those in power on Chandrilla… That is all.”
Prilla Bareesh reply:

“I Prilla Bareesh am issuing a bounty on Chancellor Valara Kira of the New Republic for ten million credits. I want her unharmed as she will be held in Hutt court for her crimes. I have warned the chancellor NOT to insult the Bareesh name any further. This insect will be taught a lesson it won’t forget.”

Bounty: Valara Kira (alayni.axelrad)
Price: Ten Million Credits (ILM)
Wanted arrested and unharmed as much as possible

The New Republic Responds to Prilla Bareesh Arrest Statement


Greetings Republic Citizens. Yesterday in the AM via the Federation news frequencies, The Bareesh Hutt clan announced that all citizens, AND allies, of the New Republic, were to be murdered on sight if they visit the world of Nar Shaddaa.

The Republic is extremely disappointed in the actions of the Hutts, in it’s proclamations to harm the innocent. The Republic had put sanctions on the Hutts due to similar behavior, and have now shown their true nature to the galaxy as they make vile threats against Republic visitors to their world. While it is true the Republic had sanctions against those coming from Hutt space, we would never murder one of their citizens who violated this declaration.

Due to the barbaric clan’s declaration upon our citizens, all military personnel are completely restricted from entering Hutt space, and all citizens are requested to venture into Hutt Space at their OWN RISK.

The Republic will NOT sink to Hutt level and retaliate against this brutal act. But neither will it treat with individuals who seek to get our attention under threat. All attempts from the Hutts at communication with the New Republic shall be blocked until this barbaric order is lifted and our citizen safety assured.

Thank you.

*The Supreme Chancellor vanishes from the screen in a fade-out


All citizens and allies of the New Republic are to be arrested on sight, shot if they resist if spotted on Nar Shaddaa

maxresdefault copyThe Bareesh tried to meet with Valara twice and she didn’t show up.  The Bareesh Clan put out this statement. “I, Prilla Bareesh, leader of the Bareesh Clan and ruler of Nar Shaddaa am sending word that all citizens and allies of the New Republic are to be arrested on sight, shot if they resist if spotted on Nar Shaddaa. The Bareesh will tolerate no more insults from the Chancellor of the New Republic. This order will be lifted once the Chancellor agrees to meet on Nar Shaddaa with the Bareesh Clan.”

The Great Hunt closing ceremony 9/8/2018

TGH Winner w_ Rolga 1

GNW received a holo-video of the Bareesh clan Great Hunt Closing Ceremony.

The event started off with Rolga the Hutt congratulating Sienna Durra who won the first round of the great hunt.

Rolga Xue in Huttese: ha uni la jimpa, chuba nowan goora bu uran nami kee bu kon palko chu jimuga. kabuk bayjee boga chuba diki chi bu kon makriss be putta bu mukai champio gona bu kon shana. drikunna, drikhi, paa, hajin an akklai. chuba makriss bu mulira chissa an ha un tana hok ee’jaga diura be nallya kee la chi bunno hajin. konchi

Translator Droid 2.2: Rolga Bareesh says “Congratulations Sienna Dura, you have won the first round of The Great Hunt’s triumphant return. Through this competition, you demonstrated all the traits necessary to become the Grand Champion of The Great Hunt. Courage, Patience, Intelligence, Persistence and Determination. You claimed the most bounties and displayed a great deal of cunning to avoid elimination by other Bounty Hunters.”

Rolga the Hutt continue to say

Rolga Xue in Huttese: dobo konchi kabuk palko Jedai makriss, Sichi nei’cha, yama wong an uska. chuba magok dobra dwana akklai an chu un nowan che masa chu chissa

Translator Droid 2.2: Rolga Bareesh says “You claimed bounties on Jedi Knights, Sith Lords, Political leaders and more. You have an exeTGH Winner w_ Rolga 2mplary gift and are a model for other Bounty Hunters”

Sienna Durra was honored with the title of Huntmaster and the Huntmaster’s trophy. Then Rolga the Hutt thank all who competed in the competition and tells them to enjoy the feast.

In Huttease Sienna Durra thanked Rolga and said it was an honor to hunt down these unfortunate people that had a mark upon their heads. She also said she accepted this new title and the trophy and hope it gives other Hunters the inspiration needed. She then said she hopes that the next round has a better quarry.

A member of the Chiss Ascendancy Tes said, ” Thank you to all who competed in this competition and those of you who come to congratulate the winner. Here is the one hundred thousand credit prize for winning first place. Enjoy the feast and the Swoop races that begin soon. The next round of competition for The Great Hunt begins next month. Will you be defending your title Sienna?”

Huntmaster Sienna Dura answered by saying I don’t see why not.

GNW will keep you informed of other Great hunt events as they come.