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Yunapu Hutt Night

2017-08-11 Hutt Night Corellia_004 Javik Shaka Henry2017-08-11 Hutt Night Corellia_001_Shaka Henry Gor'gon2017-08-11 Hutt Night Corellia_005 Nessa

Yunapu Hutt Night took place on Corellia last night. The event was a interesting evening. The Hutts sat on their throne with a fish of Progenitor in the back drop. The place was jam with people waiting to speak to the Hutts and other just being spectators. The event start off by a welcome by one of the Hutts who welcome everyone to Corellia and also said that there was a big announcement tonight but said, they would started off by allow those who wish to conducted business to speak with the council of Hutts first. But before the guest of Hutt could speak Shaka the Hutt raised his hand and said he had announcement of his own. The host of the evening allow Shaka the Hutt speak. Shaka The Hutt Across the bridge in the plaza of the Hutts then he said, “My bank is soon to open. I assure you that I will guard your money as if it were my own, and will conduct standard business practices so that you need not fear any difficulties. Loans, savings accounts, checking, we are capable of all your banking needs.” He then wave to his servant and then led up his cigar and lean back..

Xypher was first to speak to the Hutts who offer himself as an employee to be hired of. The event was follow by other that night that wanted to offer business like Darth Nessa Who thank Shaka and honor him with two Rancor and was delighted to continue good business with the Hutts.
Shaka respond by saying. “I have a proposition for you. As you said, the zoo was not possible but I have been considering a museum exhibition of historical nature. Your own world being one of greatness in centuries past, if you should have anything suitable to add perhaps we may discuss it on another occasion?” Which she agreed to.

Next up was Mad. Who spoke about the liberation of Nar’Shadda and said that Sunee The Hutt was sorry that she couldn’t be there but offer Felucian Red Wine. He also asked for help from the Hutt council in his plans to free Nar’Shadda. Mad also called up Lady Thalial to also speak on this matter. She reminded the Hutts of the Jedi efforts to help free Nar’shadda Which include but not limited to relief supplies, pilots from the YSF, and her her own involvement in trying to aid in the efforts to create and insurrection movement. She offer her continue service in liberating Nar’Shadda. Master Tanira also offer to help in the word of KOJ Council. Mad also had Minx to speak on this matter as well. Who said, ” “thank you all for hearing me, as you know I have been involved in this war from the beginning, I have served the Bareesh clan for several years now and it is that loyalty that keeps me in the fight, I know all too well your desire to liberate all of Hutt space, I apologize that I do not have a tongue for diplomacy but I do know the status of the fleet in Hutt space, The Bareesh brothers have been working tirelessly acquiring assets and allies for the war, the current fleet consist of several ships including the larger carrier, the Organa, and the smaller carrier, the Uzu, we regularly send shipments to the resistance fighters on Nar and along with Gorgon’s assistance we have been able to build a large front with which to hit the invaders, but this war is going to be won in the skies of Nar Shaddaa, they are using TIE droids to disrupt or suppliy runs and have made several raids on the fleet which forces us to regroup in another area of Hutt space, but we are out of pilots, we need man power, we have the hardware but no one to operate it” Mad add by saying, “Once more I want to point out I am taking the financial support for Besadii.. but we also need ground forces as well as pilots mostly.” The Hutts responded by saying, “Hmm. I suggest we begin to hire as many mercenaries as possible, and spread the word that every able bodied man and woman has the opportunity to help retake the moon that rightfully belongs to us. I implore everyone present to do all that they can to aid us.” Lady Thalia offer KOJ forces as ground trooper but also said they wasn’t an army. She also offer to supply assistance in away of capital ships. Mad respond by saying that he also spoke with DJE and said they offer their support. Master Gold said, ” they can offer medical assistance as well as help with protecting Civilians. Shake The Hutt respond by saying, “This will not happen tonight. We need a meeting for this and to assign actions and strategies. Contact Gor’gon and a meeting will be set.”

Hutt night end with no mentioning of the big announcement spoken earier in the meeting. GNW will keep you inform if we hear anything more about this.

Madam Chair Respond to Tython’s Declaration

lady chair Tiplaria_001

The GFFR’s main goal is the welfare of it’s citizens and not the blind acquisition of power. It was founded on the firm principles of Democracy and Autonomy for its members.

While it is regrettable that the NJO have chosen to believe false and baseless allegations of corruption, The prime requisite of membership to the GFFR is a willingness to work together.

We challenge the NJO or anyone else who have alleged that there is corruption in the GFFR to put forward any proof, reasonable doubt or table any facts before the Congress of the GFFR. If someone comes forward with reasonable cause, the GFFR will investigate and act immediately.

We wish the people of Tython well, however if our enemies such as the Seraphin Empire attack us we will defend ourselves as is our right.

Dark Lord Vaskar Bann Call to Arms

[Vaskar Bann] Dark Eternal Fleet (Profile Picture) 1

GNW travel to Saraphin where we spoke with Dark Lord Vaskar Bann, who told GNW he had call to arms to make.

When asked what was his call to arms, He want on to state, ” I, Vaskar Bann, am seeking able bodies who wish to be something more than they are, to come to me and speak to me about joining an Elite Battalion under my guidance, both force sensitives and non force sensitives may come, As i am planning an expedition on my own accord and require a fair amount of troops. So, I call for arm of men and women to adorn the Uniform loyally, and be part of a grand picture in the galaxy. Under the name of Seraphin Empire. as my own Elite Battalion”

GNW then ask what is The Elite Battalion and he told us that The Elite Battalion is in essence, his own personal army, and that He was loyal to the Seraphin empire, and that there was a clear understanding between him and Seraphinus that he had his own goals as well. He continue on to say, ” after all I am his Inquisitor, my loyalties lay here. All those who come under my battalion need not worry of attempted betrayal to the seraphin empire, but they will need to show loyalty to myself. we do not operate ad past Sith have and betray for power…. loyalty is rewarded. failure, punished. simple.”

He also told GNW that The Elite Battalion will be paid and the amount of payment will be based on the level of skill the individual offers, placement in rankings, as well as their specific duty. Also all credits will be handled accordingly and transfered automatically upon completion of the duties. that he had some training skills he could teach on defense and offensive for non force users but all required to use the saber pike and that he will be provide to them.

Dark Lord Vaskar Bann finally remark as we close was, “To all those who seek to join these ranks, Look forward to a long line of possibilities, hard work, and great rewards. And get the honor of serving under the Seraphin empire.” GNW will keep you up to date on more of the Elite Battalion as it comes.

Jedi knight Zibeti renounce ties with the GFFR

jedi exile_001 GNW was invited to Devaron. There we spoke with Jedi knight Zibeti Spintrus.  Spintrus told us that Devaron was a sanctuary and they had a few refugees from Tython and Geonosis. She said she was not the leader of Devaron but the planet’s liaison between Devaron and the Saraphin Empire.

GNW asked the question What does Saraphin empire have do with this planet and the people who come here for sanctuary? she went on to say, ” They offered to help protect the planet and if we are allies we do not risk invasion. We at GNW then asked isn’t it the job of the Jedi to protect the planet from invasion?” How would alliance with Jedi and Sith protect Devaron. Zibeti Sprntrus smiles then said, ” we are few in number and the fact we are so isolated from the rest and no one would invade ones allies and the Jedi won’t move against an enemy unless a plea for help is made so there for an alliance saves us from a risk of invasion.” Zibeti vision for the future of Devaron is peace and balance and free of corruption that plague the republic.

Then she told GNW the real reason why she wanted to speak with us. she said, ” I Publicly renounce the False Republic, sever any existing ties with the Corrupted Chain of the Federation. Declaring my Loyalty and that of this Planet to follow the Path of the Saraphin Imperium in reforging the Republic as it should be.” GNW then asked false republic?” she went on to say False because it is based off corruption and lies.” GNW asked how is it based off corruption and lies? She told us that They claim peace but yet nothing comes of it, they have allies on trial for selling out their own.”

Spintrus was speak of Kremonk. Jedi who sold federation out and join the the federation enemies and because of what he done. jedi knight Thalia was given up by him and torture by Saraphin Imperium.

So GNW did some investigation. By law the GFFR can’t but Kremonk on trial even though he committed treason. This Law is The Aldera Protocol for Jedi and Federation Cooperation. the purpose of this law was created to formalize the relationship between the Federation and the Jedi Orders who are signatories to this arrangement and to provide a legal framework for our cooperation. This means legal status of the jedi order is separate from the laws of the federation. Does that mean that Jedi could break Federation laws and get away with it of course not. Law states that the The Jedi would be governed by the Code of Conduct of their respective Orders and hence have clear autonomy from Federation Law [OOC explanation: the law still applies if the Jedi do not enforce their own code of conduct. The earlier wording of exemption would mean the law does not apply at all ].

If a Jedi contravenes any Federation Law they should be investigated and tried by the Council of their Orders.

In the event a group of Jedi or an individual Jedi does not have a Council or if their Council fails to hold a trial within two weeks of an alleged offense, the accused may be tried in a Federation Court.
This was told to Jedi knight Zibeti. If a Jedi Kremonk is being put on trial then is not being done by the GFFR. Jedi Knight Zibeti respond was ” it matters not who put them on trial it is the actions of your allies. ” Then the question was asked Is GFFR accountable for what their allies do or should they be accountable for what they do?” Spintrus went on to say, “allies say much about the government they aid ” she shook her head ” but I see this is a conversation that will do nothing but run in circles” Then can one say the same about the alliance Devaron suppose to have alliance with .

GNWNathaneiel mocha_001 did some more investigation on this matter and we spoke with Dark Lord Vaskar Bann who is Inquisitor to Darth Seraphinus, of the Seraphin empire on this alliance between Devaron and Seraphin empire. He had this to say, “No… the serapin empire has not made any sort of alliance to such a company as Devaron. They approached our empire, asking for help. claiming they have seen the Jedi as what they truly are from the inside… they were given a task… if they complete it. then they MIGHT be negotiable….” GNW then asked What task?” He would not tell us but he told us that its not some scheme… we do not fall to foolish plans without following through backgrounds… however, you got what you wanted… The Serapin empire and the Devaron have no such alliance. nor are promised one… ”

GNW then travel to Tython to continue our Inveacker_001stigation on what jedi knight Zibeti claims about Kremonk.
We talk to master Acker who said, ” As far as I know he’s still at large. We catch him, we’re charging him. His stated aim to take over Tython by the military force of the Sarapin is pretty far outside of Jedi values, so at the very least we’re ejecting him from our order.”
GNW will keep you up to date more information on Jedi Knight Zibeti as they come.