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Rebel leaf 1

While on New Aleraan, GNW had the pleasure to speak members of GRAE about their  orbit station.

KinsaShala said, ” greetings Arbitras.”

Arbitras Rexsus II bowed his head, “greetings lady Kinsa welcome to our orbiting station.”

KinsaShala look around and then said, “looks nice. What is your orbiting station use for?”

Arbitras Rexsus II smiled softly with a gruff chuckle, “Its often used to bunk ourselves…monitor traveling tourist and suspicious ships that pass our scanners” he chuckles “Also store a lot of our precious valuables ” He points to the crates by them “If one must say it has multiple tasks.” Continue reading

Death Watch Attacks Onderon & Princess Held Hostage

I traveled to Onderon to meet with the Queen of Onderon Valara Drayen-Kira and discuss the recent happenings regarding Death Watch, the destruction of some shield generators, and more importantly how the Death Watch is holding the heir to the throne, Princess Passion Kira hostage.

The Queen reported that Death Watch, using terrorist tactics, destroyed the two shield generators that protected Onderon, one on the planet’s surface, which needs to be completely rebuilt, and the one in orbit, which needs extensive repairs. The one in orbit will be repaired sooner, but only protects the capitol city of Iziz. The one on the surface, which protects the planet, will take months to rebuild. Continue reading

What is next for Dantooine after Leaving GFFR

Here in GNW News Station in New Alderaan. I had the pleasure to invite DJE Jedi Master RavenClaw. Here we talked about the future of Dantooine.”
KinsaShala said,” greetings Master RavenClaw. I hope you remember me. I was reporter from star news and now I own my own new company. Here on New Alderaan. I have herd that Dantooine had left Federation would like talk about that and the future of Dantooine now that it has left? Please have seat.” Continue reading

Immediate Challenges for the new Chairman of the Federation

The new Chairman’s first day in office could not have been more disastrous. Though Queen Rebellia won a surprise victory in the elections to become the new Chairman of the Galactic Federation of Free Republics, within hours of her departure to Tython, New Alderaan was brutally bombarded in an assault killing more than 20,000 people, mostly civilians. Continue reading