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Hutt Night Nar Shaddaa

Nar Shaddaa- is the largest moon of Nal Hutta commonly known as the Smuggler’s Moon.  A city of young smugglers, pirates and criminals.  it  was  Visas Marr  who said, ” “Never have I been to a place so alive with the Force, yet so dead to it. The contrast is like a blade.”  It is  here where we find The Hutt Cartel constructing their business. Continue reading

New addition to the Federation

New Alderaan  joins  The  Federation.  This makes it  the fifth government body to join the Federation after the fall out of  Onderon, GAR, and GJO.   The news of  Alderaan is a new beginning for her and it bring with it hope  that The Federation is  still alive and kicking.  Galactic News  Watch heads down to New Alderaan to speak with the soon to be new  appointed queen of Alderaan to get her voice on their joining of The Federation. Continue reading