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A Plaque on Yavin IV !!

GNW travels to Yavin in protective gear to get the story on plaque that hit Yavin.

KinsaShala said, Sir Trakker do you mind talking to the press?”

TrakkerCarrde: shakes his head and comes out of the mini-blackout he went into. “…what?….press? ME??”

KinsaShala said. ” I just want know about what going on here. Why the suit. is their some type of break out on Yavin IV?”

TrakkerCarrde: wasn’t sure what the Council would want him to say, but he thought honesty was the best policy. “Last week it was noticed that wildlife and plant-life were affected by some unknown contagion. This contagion included a fine powdery substance that contaminated the area and began to spread. We have concluded that the substance that was found in the wilderness and which has traveled to the outskirts of the academy. Is in fact what has caused the illnesses that have affected many. We have been asked to wear protective gear at all time when outdoors. Our investigative teams are working tirelessly to find the source and put a stop to the mystery affliction. All who travel to Yavin IV are urged to wear protective gear until further notice.” He would have flashed a smile at the cameras for effect, but…well, helmet.

KinsaShala said, “What is being done for those who are sick and what is being done to stop this plaque?”
TrakkerCarrde: nodded. “Our medical teams are dealing with the problem as it arises and treating the symptoms of any affected. It seems the illness spreads to those who come into contact with the dust, leading to diminished abilities, and sudden and random passings out asleep. Currently, we are trying to contain things as best as possible and we’re working to decontaminate the affected areas.”

KinsaShala said, “I thank you for your times. Is there anything else you wish to say to our viewers before I go?”
TrakkerCarrde: “Nothing further at this time, May the Force guide us to a quick conclusion…..oh, and, Hi Mom!” He waved at the camera droid.