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Remembering Alderaan and the Millions of voices that were silenced

Alderaan_mountainsToday in remembrance of Alderaan and the millions of voices that were silenced  GNW will give you a history of Alderaan.  The galaxy knows Alderaan as ‘the planet of beauty.’ Nature, poetry, philosophy, art, couture, cuisine—we freely share all with all.  This was a quote giving by Senator Bail Organa.  Alderaan was located in Core worlds.  It was a terrestrial planet, filled with mountain ranges that were covered with snow caps. It surfaces had vast bodies of water as well as grassy hills. It was known by the rest of the galaxy for it beauty.   It had famous landmark like Cloudshape Falls and Isatabith Rain Forest.  It grew a variety of grapevines which were used to produce Toniray and Emerald wine.  The Architect of its buildings was designed to respect the natural beauty of its environment.  During the Old Republic,  the peaceful world of Alderaan was among the oldest members of the Galactic Republic and was one of the original founders.

After the end of the Clone Wars, Chancellor Palpatine abolished the Republic, and establish the Galactic Empire. There were a small number of Systems who rebelled against this new regime, and the Alliance to Restore the Republic was ultimately formed by Bail Organa and his former colleague in the Galactic Senate, Senator Mon Mothma of Chandrila.   During this time, Alderaan became the Alliance’s main source of munitions. The planet’s crown princess and representative in the Imperial Senate, Princess Leia Organa, the adoptive daughter of Bail and Breha Organa, began using her diplomatic immunity as an Imperial senator to carry out Rebel missions in restricted Imperial systems.

During the early rebellion against the Galactic Empire, Alderaan was listed as an Alliance safe world. It was included in a map of the galaxy with a legend listing the various Alliance safe worlds, starfighter hubs at level five or higher, rebel operations sectors and regional headquarters, and shadow planets with deep space caches. The map would later be incorporated into The Rebel Files.

About three years before the Battle of Yavin, Senator Bail Organa dispatched three Sphyrna-class corvettes to the Phoenix Cell, which has sustained losses while fleeing Garel. Since Alderaan could not be seen directly supporting the rebels, Senator Organa arranged for his adopted daughter Leia to deliver the vessels to Lothal. The Alderaanians risked losing their seat in the Imperial Senate among other Imperial sanctions. Senator Organa had arranged for the crew of the Ghost to “steal” the ships from an Imperial depot on Lothal so that Alderaan could not be blamed for the “theft.” With the help of the crew of the Ghost and the former Governor Ryder Azadi, Leia managed to deliver the three Hammerhead corvettes to the Phoenix rebels following a skirmish at the Imperial depot.

In 0BBY, shortly before the Battle of Scarif, Senator Bail Organa headed towards Alderaan to tell their people that th91EhgNRCHdL._SY500_ere would be no peace after the plans for the Death Star, a planet-killing Imperial superlaser, were discovered. The plans were later stolen from the data vault on Scarif, and transferred aboard the Tantive IV. Princess Leia of Alderaan, Bail’s adopted daughter and thus member of the Elder Houses was captured by the Imperial Navy while smuggling the plans to the Alliance base. Organa was taken prisoner by the Sith Lord Darth Vader, the Emperor’s second-in-command, and brought before the Death Star’s commanding officer, Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin. Under threat of destroying her planet, Leia gave a fake location of the rebel base to Tarkin, only to have Tarkin destroy Alderaan anyway, noting that Dantooine was too remote for an “effective demonstration.” The Imperials forced the princess to witness the obliteration of her home planet, an act that Tarkin hoped would instill fear among the secessionist systems in an effort to keep them in line. The planet’s destruction left only an asteroid field behind, which was blockaded by the Empire. Almost immediately after the Battle of Yavin, Leia Organa would embark on a  mission to rescue the survivors of Alderaan from Imperial reprisals following the destruction of the First Death Star.

On Coruscant, the Empire’s planetary  capital, the numerous Alderaanian residents of Level 3204 began to hold vigils for those who had perished in what they called “The Disaster.” However, as more information became available about the Empire’s role in the destruction of Alderaan, the vigils soon turned into riots, which were quickly repressed by brute force.  Following the Battle of Yavin, Vader took the remains of Alderaan to serve as reminders to worlds that attempted to resist the Emperor. Following an assassination attempt on himself at Shu-Torun, Vader then gave Trios, the new Queen  of that planet, one of these reminders.

By 5 ABY a  flotilla of starships orbited the Alderaaina graveyard, the new name for the debris remaining of the planet. Princess Leia managed to use her political connections to take scrap from the Death Star, initially intended for incineration, to be used to construct a new space station around the planet. By the time of the New Republic, Alderaan’s destruction would become a stark reminder for future generations about the terrors of the Galactic Empire, and would often be an ‘uncomfortable subject’ for those that brought up the planet’s destruction in conversation. As such, surviving Alderaanians would be treated with great respect for their lost world and people. For collectors, rare bottles of the alcoholic beverage Toniray would become a high2cfa9ec181fbd85047199da3a1158a9fly-prized commodity.

GNW ends our report with this quote by Princess Leia Organa to Senator Ramsolm Casterfo. What act of terror could be more horrible than what happened to Alderaan? Have you forgotten that? I was there. I saw it happen, stood there watching while they destroyed my world, my home, everyone I had ever loved.”


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