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The Results of Master Raven and Jaydan’s investigation

Raven and Jayden_001GNW was contacted by Master Raven and Jayden. We were told to meet them on the Forest Moon of Endor. We met them on the station of the planet. Master Raven and Jayden had told us that they were conduction an investigation.

Master Raven and Master Jayden have been away from Yavin IV for some time now and had recently come back to the moon. They told me when coming back they noticed a lot of interesting stories that concerned them. An alliance between the Hutts, the Federation and KOJ, They weren’t sure what to make of it and they decided the only way they could have a peace of mind was to do an investigation.

Now the events of their investigation had long past and may or may not have been amended. What they gather from the Hutts was that they found that they were still involved with their criminal lifestyle, of course, its masked to appear legit. Their most concerning thing for them was when they arrived back and there was the turmoil between the Hutts and the Galactic Republic. They learned that there were two bounties on the Supreme Chancellor. One by someone from an unknown affiliation and another by Prilla the Hutt. They go on to say that they know the issue is now resolved but it wasn’t just that part that concerned them. It was the fact that in the Galactic Federation the Hutts had a voice in the Senate via the Chiss Ascendancy’s Aristocra now Senator Tes Fett. Though the Hutts never had a vote some Hutts were able to observe the Senate even doing a little business there.

They said it didn’t appear that the Hutts influenced any laws or amendments in the Galactic Federation. To their findings, the Federation is more guilty by association since the Hutts are not a law-abiding organization. Master Raven goes on to say that “Chiss Senator is the one who brought them into the Federation. Another concerning fact is that the Kalway Order of Jedi in which they belong to had some influence in having the Hutts in the Federation as well. Their alliance with the Hutts go deeper than the Federation.”

Master Jayden follow up by saying “As everyone knows the Hutt’s do nothing unless there is something in it for them. Even though they did NOT have a direct vote their influence is felt throughout the dealings that the Galactic Federation has held. The fact is that they had a voice and they were listened to. It is well known that is more than enough to influence votes into an arrangement that will be assured to benefit them. Since the earliest days when we were still just padawans, the KOJ were courting the Hutts not the other way around. Back then was a different time and alliances were not on the table. Now is a different story where they have a pact between the Hutts leading to an Embassy on Nar Shaddaa and a plaque for all to say stating their friendship with the Hutts. saying friendship. Events are also hosted with the Hutts.” He continues by saying that “This is a problem in that KOJ are supposed to stand for justice and keep peace in the galaxy. Yet the Jedi were nowhere to be heard when a democratic government such as the Galactic Republic were in danger from the very Hutts that they befriended. This makes it appear as though they turned a blind eye to keep their alliance intact.”

Master Raven clarifies her first statement about the Hutts Influencing the laws and amendments made by the GFFR she said, “When I meant they had no influence on amendments and laws, it was more they didn’t come up with new structures to change those laws but they do have an influence with having a voice there to agree or disagree on things.”
At the end of their investigation, they have come to the resolve of leaving KOJ. Master Raven said, “The Chiss Ascendancy has cut ties with the Hutts so they are no longer giving the Hutts a voice in the Senate.” she then sighs heavily “For the KOJ they are still in an alliance with the Hutts and have no plans to change it for there is a mutual agreement between them. That said it leaves us no other choice but to leave KOJ. We have fond memories there and have many friends who we cherish deeply. This is a conflict of interest for us and we can not go where they are going. We will always be allies to them when in need. This isn’t an easy decision but as Jedi, we serve the Force and those in need. We can’t stay where we feel it’s pulling us in the wrong direction.” Master Jayden nod in agreement and said, “What it reveals is a conflict of interest from these findings. It goes against everything that we were taught as padawans and that we believe that the Jedi stand for. We cannot in good conscience remain in an order where the direction seems to be moving away from the side of the light. We have many fond memories and friendships and as Raven has said we will always come to the aid of the order and those in it. This is not an easy decision and we have meditated on this long and hard and feel that the Force has led us to this decision.”

There is always two side to a story so GNW will learn the other side of this story and keep you posted.

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