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Royale Grand Opening

Galactic News Watch was honored to be invited to the most exclusive and exquisite Casino in the Upper City of Taris for the Royale’s grand opening. Even waiting outside in line to get in seemed elegant with photographers ready to snap photos of guests arriving in front of a branded wall in front of the location, and an elegantly dressed Hostess greeting and instructing guests as they prepare to go through a tight, but brief, security check intended to insure that all weapons are left off premises. Just inside the doors of the casino the halls were lined with Casino Security Droids, but also lavish decor including balloons, confetti, and other various embellishments throughout. Within the main hall of the Casino were gaming tables including Backgammon, Dice, Roulette Wheels, and much more. Atop the staircase within the main hall was a bar area serving fantastic drinks throughout the duration of the event, staffed with a knowledgeable and skilled bartender.


Many big names for the Republic showed up for the event including several senators and the Chancellor, Riyo Vashti, herself. The event as a whole was an amazing night to remember, but it was not without upheaval. At one point during The Empress H’ta arrived and caused a stir for the Hapan guests in attendance. The Hapans went head on for a confrontation with The Empress, citing orders but sounding to this reporter like a vendetta. Jeers from the crowd varied from motivating the conflict to escalate, to calls to take the brawl outside. The confrontation was however fairly quickly diffused upon the very prompt arrival of the Taris Civil Authority who escorted the Hapan guests off premises at the behest of the Hostess. Upon exiting Relina Zahn ordered over comms that by 2200 of the same eve, “…All assets levied to Republic space will be withdrawn”.  The evening went on and several friendly compliments regarding Empress H’ta by Senator Koda and talk of possible diplomatic solutions to mutual problems. Since the ending of the event, it has been confirmed that Hapan assets have indeed been removed from republic space.


Despite the dramatic mishap during the event, the Royale should be pleased to consider the overall affair a huge success. All of the guests seemed to be very entertained, interested, and willing to part with credits for a little fun in their elegant environment. We look forward to following this business closely in Taris, and to see the overall impact that it will have on the economy, and variety of entertainment that tourists and denizens alike can enjoy.