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The Shade Regime returns to Lehon

GNW had the opportunity to travel to Lehon and speak with Darth Toruk of the Shade Regime. Darth Toruk informed us that their old rivals the GRAE ambushed them on Geonosis injuring the Grand General Darcrux and so they returned to Lehon to strengthen ties with their old friends and Sith allies especially the Dark Lord Sinous.

Darth Toruk made it clear that he does not stand alongside the Seraphin Empire despite them having a common enemy in the GFFR. The Shade Regime in particular consider the GRAE and DJE of Dantooine as their enemies. Darth Toruk also confirmed that the rebuilding of Shade Regime was financed by the personal wealth of Grand General Darcrux and their allies.


GNW learned that the Shade Regime has developed a new fearsome weapon in the form of a Meditation Sphere, which is powered by a large red kyber crystal. Darth Toruk declined to mention the exact source of this crystal but did confirm that they had obtained some crystals in their mining and excavation activities on Geonosis. GNW also learned that the Sphere had been tested on some uninhabited moons and planets and even on some stars.


Darth Toruk also informed us that he welcomes any troopers that are willing to enlist in the Shade Regime. In closing Darth Toruk told GNW that traitors and enemies would face swift retaliation if they attempted to attack them on Lehon.


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