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Sunee The Hutt

With Rolga the Hutt being reported dead or missing,  Tompunka The hutt  deciding to retire, The three Hutt that are left are trying go on as business as usual.  GNW had the opportunity to speak with Sunee The Hutt on Nar Shadda.

KinsaShala would bow then said, ” greeting Sunee the Hutt. We haven’t met but I am Kinsa reporter from GNW. Not much is known about you. first can you tell my viewers who you are and what you do? ”

sunee the hutt_001Sunee the Hutt (sunny.simmering) fluffs herself up on her comfy velvet throne and a thoughtful look comes over her pink face. “I used to be the head of the red light district of Nar. However, when the area came under heavy attack with bombs and such, a lot of my entertainers quit. Those who were still slaves managed to get some of their customers to purchase them to take them out of harms way.” she pauses

Sunee the Hutt: “My only loyal entertainer is Equ’Uea, here. She has stayed no matter what.”

Equ’Uea: “Hello”

KinsaShala nods then said, “greetings Equ’Uea.”

Equ’Uea smiles

Sunee the Hutt: Since the mining operations I was working with Tompunka collapsed and the red light district bombed out, I have since moved to Anda’s old palace.

KinsaShala said, ” now that the in fighting is over. The after math doesn’t look good Do you know what the hutts plan to do to rebuild?”

Sunee the Hutt: I live off the resources of the Besadii clan as I try to reinvent my role with in the Hutt community. It seems that Rolga has been reported dead. Tompunka has decided to retire, the remaining Hutts left have been trying to rebuild business endeavors

Equ’Uea brushes aside a lekku

Sunee the Hutt: I have an alliance with the Reavers which in the minds of some is an affront to the other Hutts. However, they are always actively engaging in business dealings currently as pirates. They can bring the spoils to me and I can resell.

Sunee the Hutt: Being that the goods are stolen, the over head is rather low.

KinsaShala said, ” if they are affront to the other hutts and you have alliance with them. wouldn’t that make you affront with the other Hutts as well?”

Sunee the Hutt: The only hutts who consistently meet are Gor’gon, Shaka and myself. Some others trickle in here and there. I forget their names. We have met on Byss, Talus, and Ryloth so far. We usually try to meet two weeks in a row at the same place.

Equ’Uea nods as she stretches her dancer legs

Sunee the Hutt: “Well my stance is that Hutts should remain fairly united with each other and the dealings of bipods should not be so drastic as to come between the alliances of hutts.

KinsaShala said, ” what do the remaining three Hutts talk about when they meet?”

Equ’Uea flashes a contented smile towards the news crew

Sunee the Hutt: “mostly business updates, causal talk after the meetings about some of those who presented. Currently, we are all greatly offended that the precedence of bring tribute and gifts has suddenly fallen on the way side. People come into the presence of the Hutts wishing to speak and present business, yet they stand there with no gifts, tributes, nor presents.” she huffs indignantly
KinsaShala said, ” GNW will not leave without given you a tribute but is there any last words that you would like to say to our viewers before we go.” she hands Sunee the Hutt a gift.

Equ’Uea: “ooohh” explains the dancer seeing the exchange

Sunee the Hutt (sunny.simmering) points to Equuea, “please Take it.” and then hands it to the green Twi.

Equ’Uea gently takes the gift “Thank you, Lady Sunee”

Sunee the Hutt: “I am here in Nar, anyone who would like to do business come to Nar. I am thinking that my next venture will be as to resell stolen goods. A sort of Hutt fence so to speak

Equ’Uea looks towards the news crew as she opened the gift

Sunee the Hutt: “hey I think you are not suppose to open it yet!”

Equ’Uea quickly fixes up the little tear she made

Sunee the Hutt: An in between, some of my ex-contractors would be interested in that sort of business, to use their ships

KinsaShala said, ” if there is nothing else, GNW wish Sunee the Hutt great wealth and prosperity and if you ever have story please contact us.

Sunee the Hutt: “I shall now that I had the opportunity to meet with you. and thank you for consider me news worthy

Equ’Uea smiles