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death watch

Death Watch Attacks Onderon & Princess Held Hostage

I traveled to Onderon to meet with the Queen of Onderon Valara Drayen-Kira and discuss the recent happenings regarding Death Watch, the destruction of some shield generators, and more importantly how the Death Watch is holding the heir to the throne, Princess Passion Kira hostage.

The Queen reported that Death Watch, using terrorist tactics, destroyed the two shield generators that protected Onderon, one on the planet’s surface, which needs to be completely rebuilt, and the one in orbit, which needs extensive repairs. The one in orbit will be repaired sooner, but only protects the capitol city of Iziz. The one on the surface, which protects the planet, will take months to rebuild. Continue reading

Hutt Night Aftermath!

My first time covering Hutt Night, my last time covering Hutt Night.  It was announced that public Hutt Nights would be canceled for the foreseeable future.  I could kind of see why.  No one stepped forward with business for the Hutts until I did myself, introducing myself as being from the Galactic News Watch and offering our services in getting the word out for any pertinent information the Hutts might wish to share with the galaxy.  It seems that the reason no one stepped forward is not because the Hutts are fading in popularity, but that more private meetings have become the preferred norm.  They announced that such meetings could still be had and to simply contact them to make an appointment.   Continue reading