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Onderon Press Release

It has come to my attention that the Galactic Jedi Order has received quite a lot of negative criticism regarding the current attack on Onderon and our leaving the system. I would like to take a few moment to provide a short explanation of our actions and comment on the current situation on Onderon. Continue reading

An attempt at unity under relentless attacks

KinsaShala said, ” Greetings Governor. I am glad you could make it. Please take seat.”

Xaraec sits at the table and looks around “This is a nice studio, and might I compliment the Galactic News Watch on their excellent work thus far”

KinsaShala said, “Why thank you. GNW would like to talk to you about what is going on on New Alderaan. First their was an attack then the Lady Chairman was taken?” Continue reading


By now news of the bombardment of Onderon has gone around the Galaxy, and considering that the Galaxy is full of various factions who do not see eye to eye, a bombing in itself is not surprising, however in the case of Onderon the identity of the attackers still remains a mystery. Continue reading