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The Galactic News Watch team can confirm that the Jedi Master Dro Plund has been released after being detained by the Hutts for his involvement during the conflict that broke out during Hutt Night.

Sources inform us that the Jedi Master was injured however the injuries were not serious.  It is unclear if the injuries were sustained during the conflict or while being detained.

There are however no indications as to the whereabouts of the former Kalway Jedi Master Jesma Pearl though sources have indicated she was handed over to the custody of a Sith. Continue reading

Hutt Night Aftermath!

My first time covering Hutt Night, my last time covering Hutt Night.  It was announced that public Hutt Nights would be canceled for the foreseeable future.  I could kind of see why.  No one stepped forward with business for the Hutts until I did myself, introducing myself as being from the Galactic News Watch and offering our services in getting the word out for any pertinent information the Hutts might wish to share with the galaxy.  It seems that the reason no one stepped forward is not because the Hutts are fading in popularity, but that more private meetings have become the preferred norm.  They announced that such meetings could still be had and to simply contact them to make an appointment.   Continue reading

Hutt Night Nar Shaddaa

Nar Shaddaa- is the largest moon of Nal Hutta commonly known as the Smuggler’s Moon.  A city of young smugglers, pirates and criminals.  it  was  Visas Marr  who said, ” “Never have I been to a place so alive with the Force, yet so dead to it. The contrast is like a blade.”  It is  here where we find The Hutt Cartel constructing their business. Continue reading