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For those that do not know the OOC back story of the planet Odessen, Odessen is a Star Wars planet that is located the Unknown Regions of the Star Wars galaxy. It is connected to the Force meaning that it is prime real estate for the Jedi and other Force-Sensitives. A world with significant oceans and mountainous continents, Odessen had a mild climate and a variety of native wildlife among its forested terrain. In 3632 BBY, The Outlander, aided by Lana Beniko, used Odessen as the base of operations for The Alliance, the resistance movement against the Eternal Empire and their occupation of both the Sith Empire and Galactic Republic.

Alex Anders, the current owner of the planet Odessen sim, is plausibly creating a new storyline of RP by inviting Sith Empire characters to ICly mine the crystal mines on the sim.

IC, things are still being negotiated between he and the Empire, who are promising to bring “peace” to the planet by segregating there operations from the rest of the planet and its inhabitants.

Alex Anders lover, bodyguard, and female Devaronian, Vuvuk’sai’N’Vihk, has concerns about the purported arrival of Sith loyalist to the planet surface. Her concerns are legitimate given the past treachery and betrayal of the Sith Empire, but Alex Anders ensures her that her that the planet is safe with hidden security features that will come in handy should the Sith get out of pocket.

OOC and IC, none of the inhabitants of the sim are arrives, to my knowledge, of the whereabouts of the Sith and the negotiations that are occurring at this moment; however, whatever may come, I am hoping for RP opportunities like this and others spring forth across all SWRP sims. I feel a season RP on the horizon with the imminent change of seasons forcing individuals to spend more time at home and in front of their computer screens.

I hope to see something transpire soon with the brewing Odessen and Sith storyline.

Until then, stop by Odessen and create your own storyline and/or rent a beach front property, office, or hotel room. There is also a casino in the Undertown to enjoy.

Until next time, the Sojouring Mirialan is signing out.

May the Force be your guide!

Sojourning Mirialan Log: What’s new Coruscant

As a sojourning Mirialan, it is my personal mission to explore the galaxy, learning of new occurrences that transpires on the various planets that exist since the ending of the Republic. On my journey, I grew homesick and was near the point of returning home until I caught wind of a recent war that occurred on New Alderaan, one, wherein Coruscant factions and military officials participated in.

The sim is, right now, in the middle of a RP that has the Jedi Order faction on the run. They are currently in hiding and no one knows exactly where they are…are plausibly someone does.

I have not tried to track the faction down because it would expose them and their location. Local news sources say stated that the Jedi Order has fleed into the Undercity to escape the Imperial sweeps that is cleaning the city. The sweeps are occurring right after the Jedi forces have participated in the Attack on New Alderaan.

New Alderaan is now vacant and off the map for sojourners, like myself. The sim is due for a facelife before it is re-opened for RPers to return to regular programming. Lower Coruscant, however, is still open to SWRPers that are looking for a bit of fun in the meantime. Just recently the Mandalorian forces of Coruscant were enthralled in battle with Imperial forces over a devise–the Phobis Devise (NPRP).

There are so many events that are on the horizon for this sim, b and planned, that the opportunity for RP participation seems to be endless.