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nal hutta

GNW Reporter targeted!

GNW’s own Tiona Twine relates her encounter with the Sith and a team of Bounty Hunters on Nal Hutta:

“Not long ago, I, Tiona Twine, discovered the hard way that I’d upset a sith woman whose name I do not know, but she dresses in black and often flies a ship that I named the Fishy Wasp.  I first encountered this sith woman on New Alderaan.  She was apparently trying to do something and my presence and the presence of a Jedi from the GJO interfered with her activities.  It seems she did not take kindly to our interference, because she again threatened me on Nar Shaddaa some time later, using her mystical Force powers on me, but leaving me alive. Continue reading


The Galactic News Watch team can confirm that the Jedi Master Dro Plund has been released after being detained by the Hutts for his involvement during the conflict that broke out during Hutt Night.

Sources inform us that the Jedi Master was injured however the injuries were not serious.  It is unclear if the injuries were sustained during the conflict or while being detained.

There are however no indications as to the whereabouts of the former Kalway Jedi Master Jesma Pearl though sources have indicated she was handed over to the custody of a Sith. Continue reading