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Shade Regime

Lifestyles and Lairs: Shade Regime

Last time we visited with the Shade Regime, it was to report the takeover of the Prudii Stronghold. Today, we were invited to tour the facilities of the Shade Regime on Tattooine (LME) and decided to take them up on the offer, having an exclusive inside look at what is reported to previously have been the palace of the great Jabba the Hutt. Upon arrival in a shuttle that was sent to fetch us, we were greeted outside by the Supreme Leader of the Shade Regime, Darth Toruk. When asked what made our visit newsworthy, he had the following to say: “To begin, this was once the palace of the great Jabba the Hutt” … “We’ve expanded and provided a powerful weapon to the tower. But, (it) also holds many records Jabba once had and artifacts”.


We were watched by many guards throughout the visit who seemed to be providing security and assistance where needed, such as in the cargo area. Overall the palace was a large interior of halls, twists, and turns with several notable locations including healing chambers featuring bacta tanks and medical supplies, a saber workshop where apprentices and Regime members can fashion their blades, multiple cargo storage areas to hold drugs and valued goods, a meditation area featuring a large holocron within the center, prisoner cells, and the ‘Room of Pain’. The Eternal Court was a large area where business and affairs could be conducted, and featured a trap door to the Rancor pit “for any traitors and people who try to con us…” said Toruk. He indicated that the beast has been given poisonous augments and regenerative tissue. Nearby, along the walls, were three prisoners encased in carbonite. One resting in the center was said to be an old threat of Jabba the Hutt, and the other two were prisoners of the Shade Regime, a female Jedi and a Rebel Officer.


Atop the large tower of this building there has been a large weapon installed. When asked if he could tell us more, Darth Toruk didn’t disappoint. “The tower’s cannon is powered by a bled Sith alchemy tuned Khyber crystal” he smirked, “Even a light sider going close to the giant shard would have their mind tell them dark.. dark things” he laughed, “This crystal I’ve had for about 8 years … It now powers this palace and it’s weapon”, said he. Darth Toruk also indicated that he had acquired this palace one to two years ago, but just started fully building things, and prepping has come to a close with the aid of Slurm the Hutt, his business partner and friend, as of last month. The two partners indicated that they were to begin hosting events on Sundays or Mondays beginning in a few weeks. Events such as Hutt Nights and other gatherings where business and entertainment could be enjoyed. The Shade Regime is known to be drug traders who expanded to include slaves, and soon to be dealing in weapons as well according to Toruk.

Shade Regime Takes Prudii Stronghold

We arrived on the scene on Tattooine at the former site of the Prudii Clan stronghold, now the site of fire and fury as the Shade Regime has conquered and taken it for it’s own. A pile of a half-dozen bodies laid strewn upon the floor as I exited the shuttle that was sent for my arrival, and I met with Darth Toruk, the  Supreme Leader of the Shade Regime.arrival_004

For those unfamiliar, The Prudii Clan is a Mandalorian clan lead by Vod Prudii, formerly housed on Tattoine before these attacks. Darth Toruk informed us that he wiped out the Prudii many long years ago in his apprentice years. And stated that their leader survived Carbonite freezing after his family was killed by Darth Toruk. “My Troops are hunting down every supporter of Prudii as we speak and thanks to my Hutt business partner it will be a easy process”, Said Toruk.arrival_008” I presume Vod Prudii and his second lead have scurried back to their Rebel allies on Endor while his scouts stay hidden like cowards… Since they made ties with GRAE it’s made them top of my threat list” he continued on. He went on to indicated that his Hutt partner mentioned was Slurm, Toruk’s reported best friend.

This story then took me to the Forest Moon of Endor, where I was fortunate enough to speak with Vod Prudii himself, and with Elder Yodan, the second lead of GRAE. When asked for a quote, Prudii had this to say: “Blood will be made for blood or a swift justice will be made”. When asked if GRAE would continue to stay aligned with Clan Prudii, Elder Yodan stated, “”We will see this outcome to the bitter end ..GRAE will stand by side our Mandalorian friends this dire times. They have lost many this cold blooded attack against them but gained any family in GRAE since this… The Resistance has their back”.Endor_001