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A Talk With the DJE

Today the news had us travel to the planet of Dantooine where we got to speak with Masters Rothlan, and Galise of Dantooine Jedi Enclave (DJE). You can tell right off that this is a tight knit duo, as they refer to each other as brother and sister throughout the interview. We traveled from the shuttle where I landed, inside the Enclave for a better look around, and to talk a bit inside the DJE Archives. Our conversation began with typical introductions, and then lead to Master Rothlan asserting: “It means a lot to the Dantooine System and the this  Enclave as well that you would come to us today as well.  As the Ambassador for this Order and Government, I understand the Importance of maintaining our Relationships and I felt it was high time we took a step outward once more. We do forgive  that our Order has been more Quiet in Recent times but we have been dealing with our own conflicts.”


SWRP – Dantooine Jedi Enclave



When asked what conflicts he referred to, Master Rothlan took a moment to pack a pipe from his personal tin and light it before taking a few puffs and continuing. ” Well the Major conflict of note would have to be the Rouge Mandalorian invasion we had several months ago. Many of our knights and masters were off world at the time, myself including when  a Mandalorian Fleet arrived and took out our meager defenses, as a small farming world we don’t have much in the way of Military but we do have a rich history. One of the many things these Mandalorians were looking for is ancient Mandalorian caches from a bygone era back when the Mandalorians were splintered many came to Dantooine to work as mercenaries and left some vaults behind stored with equipment. another was the old repair stations in orbit left during old wars when Dantooine was a stopping point of major battles. You would imagine my surprise when I arrive home from a long mission to see a Mandalorian fleet in Orbit.” I then asked if the Mandalorians are still on Dantooine, which was a surprising answer to be had. “Me and Master Galise here were able to recall several of the masters back to the enclave and we were sucessful in bringing the Mandalorian leader to the table to discuss terms. We reached an agreement that they were allowed to recover these relics but they had to help repair the damage they have done during the invasion. There are some here and there we maintain a working relationship with them. The builder in charge of the rebuild named Mesh’la has been Wonderful to work with and her work has been appreciated” He said.


Dantooine has been under major reconstruction since the conflict began, and has made awesome strides in rebuilding, and creating a community that is ready for great experiences to be had. Master Rothlan went on to say, ” We have been making strides to bring the community closer together and have been working on the the township of has opened up into a trading hub for the Farming folk and they have been able to include more of their produce off-world. Dantooine has always been a Smaller Enclave then most. We never shied away from that fact. But with this small enclave, we get to work with each of our students closely… we treat each other like family here. Master Galise here has been the non blood sister of mine for many years… We have always welcomed those who wander here seeking knowledge even those who have lost their way. We have also been working with other smaller academies to help benefit each other. including the  Maridun Je’daii Enclave. Led by Lady Marin.”



When asked if Dantooine was active in the Galactic Senate, Master Rothlan said that Dantooine has always been keeping an eye on various governments around the galaxy, though due to older policies they have not adopted any official government, although they are friendly with all of them. He remarked that may change in the future as Dantooine grows, and noted that as the Ambassador for Dantooine it excited him. In this present time, their efforts have been focused on restoring Dantooine and aiding the Mandalorian clan who has been residing there. “We have sent several of our members to the Various conflicts in recent times including the Invasion on Mandalore but for now we just been working on our own world. One of the major plans is becoming a even more active part of our community. Our Governor Vyn-Thyle has been making strides to set up busniess deals with all sorts of companies around the Galaxy. Were hoping to have several Contracts set up by the end of the Harvest to benefit the surplus.”, said Rothlan.


I then asked if there was anything in particular that either of the Masters would like to let our viewers know, and Master Rothlan offered, ” Mainly I wanted to address that the Dantooine Enclave is still alive and well and well into our 10th year. We were concerned with the mandalorian invasion and the lapse in outside communication due to our rebuild many have rumored that we have faded from memory. Therefore I wished to dash those rumors.. Our Enclave has always been a humble one. One of peace and tranquility. of working with thy neighbor kind of place. and welcome all to come visit us once again to enjoy the peaceful surroundings and enjoy listening in on our lessons or enjoying our boom in our economy in Garang.”

New Ships Bring Security to the Republic

Today marks another great landmark for the Republic as construction was finalized just minutes before our tour of the Thranta Mk 2 Class ship that is currently stationed at Bespin. After nearly three weeks of construction, we finally got the opportunity to not only have a good look around, but also to get some of the details about this creative design from it’s designer, Rhialto Tereshechenko who is also the Baron Administrator of new Tibannopolis Bespin, Shipwright, and member of the Republic. 

Thranta Class Mk 2 on Bespin

Thranta Class Mk 2 on Bespin

First we visited the main Bridge. With consoles ready to fly, this ship features two seats in the cockpit and other auxiliary consoles along the rear wall as well. Thranta Class Mk 2 BridgeNext, we visited the Medical bay. This ship is equipped with a full hospital suite including bacta tanks, surgical beds, and more, so that it can dually serve as a Hospital ship if needed.



The Cargo bay was quite spacious and while it already had some cargo in it, it seemed to be far from reaching its capacity. Cargo Bay_001 “The photos may not describe the functionality of the ship. It is made for extremely prolonged periods of time in transit, not needed to dock at port for 2 standard years if fully stocked. It can serve as a relief ship if need be due to its large cargo carrying capacity and to some extent can be used as a medical ship.”, said Rhialto Tereshechenko. 


Crew quarters and Captain’s quarters are also available and feature beds, an Autochef, shower, and toilet. Also featured was Engineering, where the ship’s drives are maintained and utilized, and the Comm / Conference room. When asked if the ship had yet been named, Rhialto indicated that it had not yet been named, but stated “the model is a Thranta MK 2…more advanced version of the older Thranta class, sharing a bit more in common with the older Hammerhead.”


Supreme Chancellor of the Republic, Pjaysiv Panteer

Supreme Chancellor of the Republic, Pjaysiv Panteer

Pjaysiv Panteer, Supreme Chancellor of the Great Galactic Republic said, “The Ships  means safe boarders for the citizens of the Republic. It also gives hope that the Republic is ready to protect our citizens and our allies. As of late there has been news of attacks by  Sith on Taris and Mandalorian space. We want our allies and our enemies to know that the Republic is ready to defend and end oppression by our adversaries abroad…  now that we have new ships, the Galactic Republic is looking for good  man and woman to Join The Galactic Republic  Interplanetary Military (GRIM)  Flier Division. There will be great opportunity for those who join with  (ILM) credit pay based on mission given to you by this Great Government.” She went on to say that interested parties can contact  “Vice Chancellor ZannahBlue or any members of the Senate which are  Rhialto Tereshchenko of bespin,  Alita Steampunk of Republic of Balmorra and  Fel empire and LME, Mustafaaab Connoisseur of Naboo Space Sector, Pelora Panteer ( LydiaTaraMoon) of New Alderaan and Tiplaria ( AbigailClemencaeu)  of Yavin IV.”


Conference room_001 Engineering_001 Rhialto Tereshchenko_001

The Chairman nearly taken hostage

GNW recently learned that the Chairman of the Galactic Federation of Free Republics, and Queen of New Alderaan, Her Royal Highness Rebellia was nearly taken hostage by a member of the Shadow Sith Clan.  Federation Security and other Federation Members identified the Sith attacker as Lord Arlen who is a prominent member of the Shadow Sith Clan.  This attack comes on the back of the recent battle fought between the Shadow Sith Clan and New Alderaan Security right on the Palace rooftop.

The attacker was beaten back ironically not by Federation or New Alderaan forces but by suspected Sith group who was earlier involved in a confrontation with a New Alderaaan Security Trooper.

The motivation for one Sith group to attack another is not clear at this point however experts on the Sith state this is not unusual and is known to happen from time to time.

Queen Rebellia grabbed by Lord Arlen of the Shadow Sith Clan, photograph courtesy security Droids



KOJ of Yavin IV at the Second Life Science Fiction Convention

The GNW team caught up with Master Tanira of the Kalway Order of Jedi who briefly explained the purpose of the Science Fiction Convention and its larger cause:

“The Second Life Science Fiction Convention has two purposes, one is to promote the science fiction communities in SL and second is to benefit the Relay For Life Cancer charity in SL.

This is the second year we have participated and the idea is to let other sci fi fans know that Star Wars is alive and well in SL

Proceeds from payment of the larger display plots goes to not only the tier payment but for RFL, in fact this year all six sims are in conjunction with the ACS sim (American Cancer Society) and is across another bridge from here. Most display groups have a kiosk that people are encouraged to donate to.”

The in-world slurl to the convention is given below:

KOJ Knight Jayden Lukas had made this short video to give visitors to the Convention an idea about SWRP and Yavin IV:


Jedi injured while defending a raid on New Alderaan

On speaking to the liaison of the New Alderaan Governor Xaraec, GNW has learned that a Jedi Master of the Kalway Order of Jedi, Jesma Pearl and a Jedi Knight accompanying her were injured in an raid by a band of unidentified smugglers on the main space station at New Alderaan. Continue reading